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Residential UPVC doors are an important part of our product portfolio, with the focus on aesthetic appeal and design, security and weather performance, especially in those parts of the country potentially prone to flooding where the right door specification can add substantial protection. A Residential UPVC door from Permaframe is built to stay looking great for many years and with the very latest UPVC construction it won’t fade, rot or peel...ever again!

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  • Hardware
    Every quality door needs dependable hardware...

    Every quality door needs dependable hardware...

    No door can be rolled off the production line without a secure locking mechanism, hinges, handles and a letterbox attached to it. It cannot be reiterated enough just how important it is that a door comes equipped with hardware that offers stylishness, reliability and functionality. Few home improvement companies offer the extensive array of hardware solutions that Permaframe can offer to customers, all available in a variety of lasting finishes.

  • Energy Saving
    The door to a more affordable fuel bill...

    The door to a more affordable fuel bill...

    When heat loss occurs in the home much of the blame can usually be pointed at the front and back door installed. To prevent this from happening we strongly recommend that you fit a UPVC door as the door frame, panelling and various glass units will help retain any heat produced in your home and make it feel considerably warmer inside. The biggest result of all? Cheaper energy bills.

  • Colour Options
    • White
      White White
    • Golden Oak
      Golden Oak
      Golden Oak Golden Oak
    • Rosewood
      Rosewood Rosewood

    Choose a refreshing colour for the outside and inside...

    Golden Oak, Rosewood and a White finish are your colour options when it comes to selecting a colour for those UPVC front and back door panels which can be further complemented with a suitably elegant frame. You have an even greater colour palette to choose from should you opt for a door without panelling that instead features more glass. To give it further character why not consider textured or patterned glass and pick out some pretty door hardware as an accompaniment.

  • Textured Glass
    • Chantilly
      Chantilly Chantilly
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Charcoal
    • Contora
      Contora Contora
    • Cotswold
      Cotswold Cotswold
    • Digital
      Digital Digital
    • Everglade
      Everglade Everglade
    • Flemish
      Flemish Flemish
    • Mayflower
      Mayflower Mayflower
    • Minster
      Minster Minster
    • Oak
      Oak Oak
    • Pelerine
      Pelerine Pelerine
    • Stippolyte
      Stippolyte Stippolyte
    • Taffeta
      Taffeta Taffeta
    • Warwick
      Warwick Warwick
    • Autumn
      Autumn Autumn

    Textured glass will give your door something different...

    Plain glass has been a staple feature of most front and back doors for hundreds of years and it’s a look that will never date. However, you could have a textured glass design to give your door a different personality which will also help in terms of privacy. Patterns include Digital, Autumn Leaf, Sycamore and a Cotswold decoration.

Doors from Permaframe...

Whether you like it or not your front door speaks volumes about your home. A disheveled door can bring down the entire appearance of your property, whereas a good looking replacement door will have the opposite effect. Doors from Permaframe in Frome, Somerset have the ability to raise the profile of your home all on their own and will undoubtedly impress any guests who visit your home. Permaframe's huge range of replacement doors including French, Patio Doors, all sharing eye-catching looks and a proven ability to protect your home are available in UPVC or the very latest Aluminium.

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