99% Of Customers Would Recommend Permaframe

99% Of Customers Would Recommend Permaframe

Customers can make or break any business. This is particularly true of companies involved in home improvements.

Customer service that goes the extra mile, products of an exceptionally high standard and installations that surpass the expectations of homeowners soon leads to positive word getting around.

Anything contradictory to this will likely have the opposite effect and result in customers turning their backs on you.

Permaframe appreciates and understands this, which is why we are resolutely committed to pleasing customers in everything we do. We believe this goes some way to explaining how Permaframe has managed to last over 25 years in this most competitive of industries.

Visit the Our Customers page of our website and you will see hundreds of reviews from satisfied Permaframe clients. Just as importantly, you will also see that currently over 99% of previous Permaframe customers would recommend us to other people.

This high approval rate is a glowing sign of trust.

Why do people prefer Permaframe?

  1. Personalised products

You can’t just fit any conservatory, window or door design in your home as it may not match the existing styling and personality of the house. When buying a new conservatory or windows and doors from Permaframe we purposely craft them to suit your personality as one size certainly doesn’t fit all in home improvements.

  1. 10 year guarantee

When buying a product you need to be assured of its quality. The 10 year guarantee supplied by Permaframe gives you that assurance as it highlights that the likelihood of your chosen product failing within that 10 year period is low. If the worse does happen, then you have the peace of mind of knowing that it will be repaired FREE of charge.

  1. No hard-selling

The abrupt and pushy manner that some salespeople employ can be very off-putting for lots of customers. Permaframe refuses to adopt such sales tactics as we want customers to feel comfortable and be able to make buying decisions without any undue pressure. You will find our consultants to be extremely friendly.

Picking Permaframe for any home makeover job is something you will look back on with contentment.

Make the first move now by calling in to see us at our Frome showroom.

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