Permanent Warmth When You Buy Permaframe Windows

We may be edging nearer to the end of February but there has been no let-up in the weather as freezing temperatures continue to be experienced in large parts of the country. Looking ahead, a prolonged spell of warm and sunny weather seems a long way off and unless your property has the right type of windows installed you can expect a chilly household.
Despite the rising cost of energy in recent years, millions of householders have yet to replace their old thermally inefficient single glazed windows. Some so due to a lack of finances and some simply because of an unawareness of the positive effect double glazing in Bath and double glazing in Somerset can have on indoor temperatures and bills.
Permaframe cannot reinforce enough just how important it is that you ditch any windows you suspect of causing heat loss at the soonest opportunity.
Constantly hit by expensive energy bills? Your windows are very likely to blame as they fail to store the heat created inside your home and allow outdoor air to makes its way into your private living area. Yes, they can be a significant investment, but you don’t have to get them all replaced at once!
Even replacing windows in those rooms you use most regularly will be a good start. The living room, bedrooms etc. are parts of the home where we rely on warmth and comfort, something you can only expect when you get double glazed windows fitted. Windows bought from Permaframe will retain and sustain heat on your home so that you never need go cold unnecessarily.
And not only will your home feel warmer, but it will also be far better protected as the glass is tough, frame durable and locking systems clever enough to keep a secure lock on your home.

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