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If you’ve had your Edwardian conservatory for a lot of years then you may have noticed that it doesn’t offer the level of comfort that it did at the original time of installation. This is usually because the existing roof is longer providing the necessary thermal efficiency. Have it replaced with a solid roof and see it restore your conservatory back to its former self. The great thing about a solid roof is that it won’t just fit onto one standard form of conservatory as we can always custom-make it to suit the particular roof design you have whilst ensuring that it still offers the thermal performance you would expect. Even the most unconventionally shaped designs can be equipped with a brand new solid roof.

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  • Product Range
    The perfect substitute conservatory roofing system...

    The perfect substitute conservatory roofing system...

    • When the existing roof of your conservatory fails to provide the required level of thermal insulation you need to keep warm inside, get it replaced with a brand new solid roof. If your conservatory is being built from scratch then make sure you stipulate the inclusion of a solid roof now so that it offers the comfortable living environment you crave long-term.

    • Consider all the options when putting together your dream conservatory design with our talented team of designers such as the addition of a solid roof, the finest roof covering available for your new home extension. If you need proof of the capabilities of a solid roof then we only need point you in the direction of the many thousands of customers who choose to have it fitted in place of their old conservatory roofing system. The speed with which the solid roof can be fitted is a further asset so that you don’t have to wait long for your conservatory to feel re-energised. The quickness of installation can be put down to the glazed facets of the design and the fact full height brick walls and a standard roof wrapper have no presence.

    • A double-ended Edwardian configured orangery is ideally suited to a solid roof. From a visual perspective, it will go virtually unnoticed when fitted, but what you will instantly notice is how considerably warmer the overall structure feels, especially when you also grant the inclusion of mounted spotlights or centre pivot windows.

    • Whilst the solid roof is an exceptionally useful addition to conservatories and orangeries, it can also be incorporated into other types of home extension. There are two varieties of solid roof available; lightweight tile and lightweight slate. Both come in a selection of colourful and eye-catching finishes.

    • Each time you enter your house and take shelter in your porch, particularly if it’s cold outside, you want it to feel warm and inviting. It will be when you have a Warm Roof fitted and it can be done in next to no time if your porch design happens to sleek, though it can also be installed onto larger porches.

  • Features & Benefits
    The Warm Roof will hugely pay off long-term...

    The Warm Roof will hugely pay off long-term...

    • What’s the point of owning a conservatory if it overheats in summer and gets too cold over the winter months? You expect it to be useable at any time of the year and it will be if a solid roof has a presence atop of the structure because it provides excellent insulation properties, being composed of an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board.

    • The whole feel of your conservatory will change from the moment installation of a solid roof reaches completion; expect it to have nothing but a positive effect on the internal ambience. Some natural light will be loss as a consequence of fitting a solid roof, but great swarms of light will still pass through the windows and doors.

    • A solid roof looks the part as it shares a close resemblance to both traditional tiles and slates, dependent on which option you choose. A painstaking amount of detailing has gone into its creation to make it look authentic.

    • Installation of a solid roof can take place in no time at all. This is because each Warm Roof is prefabricated beforehand making the fitting process the simplest of tasks.

  • Internal Finishes
    Internal finishes of two kinds...

    Internal finishes of two kinds...

    If you’re a traditionalist at heart then our painted plasterboard is likely to appeal most as it gives off a classic and clean finish. For something that feels a little warmer, then try our timber clad finish which has a richness and texture to it guaranteed to give a solid roof a very noticeable presence within your conservatory, especially during the winter months. The inclusion of centre pivoting timber roof windows as an accompaniment to the timber internal finish will give the overall structure that ‘cabin-style’ effect.

  • Roof Windows
    Supplement a Warm Roof with centre pivot windows...

    Supplement a Warm Roof with centre pivot windows...

    We don’t hide from the fact that an element of natural light will be lost following the installation of a Warm Roof but the issue is easily rectified when you incorporate roof windows into the design. You can have one, or even two, roof windows fitted which will drive sunlight into the confines of the extension and enable you to view the world above your eyes in style. In fine weather, being able to utilise the roof windows for ventilation purposes will be invaluable.

  • Roof Tile Options
    Roof tiles that never let you down...

    Roof tiles that never let you down...

    • We produce two forms of Warm Roof; lightweight tiles and lightweight slates. You will find the resemblance of our lightweight slate to traditional slate completely uncanny so much so that you’ll barely notice any difference between the two. The same goes for our lightweight tile. Both offer a superb amount of strength and are totally weather-proof.

    • In terms of aesthetics, traditional slate takes some beating. However, where it does fall down is the area of durability as it often cracks, suffers with delamination and starts to lose its appearance due to the rigours of time. The lightweight slate we have produced suffers from no such problems and will maintain its stylish appearance for years to come. We supply it in 20 different colour options including pewter grey, stone, plum, black and brick red.

    • The quickness with which our lightweight tiles can be fitted makes them an ideal addition to a conservatory, orangery or any other type of home extension. You’ll also be pleased to know that they come available in a variety of colours including charcoal, red, green, umber and ebony.

  • Tile Colours
    • Antique Red
      Antique Red
      Antique Red Antique Red
    • Burnt Umber
      Burnt Umber
      Burnt Umber Burnt Umber
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Charcoal
    • Ebony
      Ebony Ebony
    • Green
      Green Green

    Capture the eye with a colourful solid roof...

    So that your solid roof is complementary to the existing tiles on the roof of your home we supply each of them in a selection of colour options. The finish applied to each solid roof is of an outstanding lasting quality and the tiles themselves offer superb performance in terms of durability and strength.

Solid Roofs from Permaframe...

Permaframe's solid roofs for conservatories are manufactured using the Guardian Warm Roof™ system and are a great way to revitalise your tired conservatory and restore your pride in it. Solid roofs are generally designed as a replacement for tiled roofs on an existing conservatory and can be fitted without any need for the current windows, doors and base to be exchanged, whilst still making a home extension a more comfortable place to live. That said they can also be integrated into a new build conservatory, orangery or home extension.

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