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Heritage Windows are one of the most luxurious top end sets of windows available and ooze class as well as traditional and contemporary features recognised from 19th Century favourites. The choice of 28mm double or 44mm triple glazed glass enhances the ability to save money on your home energy bills. Our Heritage range has been given one of the highest classifications on the weather test highlighting their outstanding robustness. The manufacturing process allows for a finish which is virtually maintenance free so you can relax and enjoy your windows rather than spend your time cleaning, painting and prepping them. Heritage windows go beyond the features in the traditional look and come in a range of Heritage colours. Your windows finish can be applied throughout the frame and inside the ‘easy-clean rebates’ to give your window a consistent finish throughout, open or closed. The features possessed by the Heritage Windows now make them suitable for more urban homes with the same long life guarantee but an added bonus of the traditional appearance and features.

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  • Double Glazing
    Double glazing is the bare minimum every home needs...

    Double glazing is the bare minimum every home needs...

    You can’t expect your home to be warm and comfortable if you don’t have double glazing fitted throughout. Failure to implement double glazing will also cost you a fortune in heating costs as the windows will readily allow cold air to filter through into your private living space.

    Double glazing is guaranteed to resolve such issues as the two panes of glass will contain heat and prevent it from escaping, whilst also transferring in the heat of the sun so that your property never goes cold.

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  • More About Heritage
    Wooden windows without the hassle...

    Wooden windows without the hassle...

    • Wooden windows only look at their best if you continuously look after them and sand them, varnish them and give them a fresh coat of paint every few months, something that very few people have the time to do.

      If you fail to do this then you can expect the windows to rapidly age and become afflicted with rotting, warping, discolouration and eventually succumb to old father time. Our Heritage range can counter all these problems and maintain its wood-like appearance without you having to lift a finger at any stage.

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    • We were fully aware that people would only take the Heritage range seriously if it exhibited all the period detailing that featured in a traditional wooden window which is why we have gone to great lengths to imitate it in meticulous detail. The flush fitting of the sash is the perfect example of how much of an effort has gone into crafting a contemporary wooden window that isn’t actually wooden. You’ll see it featured in many conservation areas, cottages and townhouses.

  • Glazing Options
    Much more than just plain glass...

    Much more than just plain glass...

    • We offer a selection of glazing options so make sure that you view them all so that you can make a well-informed decision before advising us of your preference.

      If your primary motivation for buying new windows is to cut the cost of energy then we strongly recommend that you check out our Energy Rated Windows, an ‘A’ rated window being the most thermally efficient window within our range.

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    • When you close the front door of your property you expect to receive a certain amount of privacy. If prying eyes still remain a pain then why not have privacy glazing fitted which will restrict what people can see and enable you to enjoy home life in seclusion.

      Don’t worry you won’t be left sitting in the dark as the natural light of the sun will still being able to pass through the glass and illuminate your living space.

  • Buyers Guide
    Your route to the dream window design...

    Your route to the dream window design...

    • Replacing your existing windows isn’t an easy task. You have to get your decision spot on when it comes to finding a suitable substitute otherwise it could have a hugely detrimental effect on the overall appearance of your property, one that will be extremely costly to rectify.

      Permaframe will ensure that you find a window that you like and which will transform its look for the better so feel free to talk us through your requirements and we’ll offer the right solutions.

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    • The look of a window is just one consideration that needs to be contemplated. You may or not be aware that many window designs function in conflicting ways and you’re best trying them all out to discover your favourite.

      Some windows slide vertically, some open from the side or top, and some open and close via a tilting motion. A trip to our showroom will give you chance to have a play around with each option.

    • Notice a steady increase in fuel costs over the past few months and years? Whilst your current energy company may have increased their prices, some of it could be put down to the inability of your existing windows to prevent cold air from getting in and hot air from getting out.

      Heat loss commonly occurs through inefficient windows so get them replaced at the soonest opportunity to make those heating bills more affordable.

    • The windows of your home will be one of the first areas that a potential burglar targets so as well as making sure that they are properly locked; you also need to be sure that they possess the durability needed to see of such threats to security.

      So that you can leave your home empty without worrying why not have a brand new set of windows fitted equipped with a multi-point locking mechanism to put a permanent lock on the place.

    • It goes without saying that we are extremely confident in the quality of our entire window collection and we want you to share that confidence. That’s why we supply all windows with an extensive guarantee which covers you should any problems arise in the future.

      We do mention within it that occasionally some small remedial adjustments will need to be made so please give the entire guarantee a thorough read at the time of purchase.

  • Authentic Colours
    • Silvered Oak
      Silvered Oak
      Silvered Oak Silvered Oak
    • Painswick
      Painswick Painswick
    • Irish Oak
      Irish Oak
      Irish Oak Irish Oak
    • Grained White
      Grained White
      Grained White Grained White
    • English Oak
      English Oak
      English Oak English Oak
    • Eclectic Grey
      Eclectic Grey
      Eclectic Grey Eclectic Grey
    • Cotswold Green
      Cotswold Green
      Cotswold Green Cotswold Green
    • Cotswold Biscuit
      Cotswold Biscuit
      Cotswold Biscuit Cotswold Biscuit
    • Corse Lawn
      Corse Lawn
      Corse Lawn Corse Lawn
    • Clotted Cream
      Clotted Cream
      Clotted Cream Clotted Cream
    • Black
      Black Black

    Authentic colour range - the difference is Crystal Clear...

    Traditional windows from the 19th Century were always painted and never stained which is why our replacement Heritage Windows are available in a range of traditional colours. You can mix popular colours, for example you can choose a Grained White finish externally but an English Oak finish internally. And why not consider matching the internal décor or make a decorative feature with your beautiful new window while maintaining the kerbside appeal.

Windows from Permaframe...

Our huge range of window styles offered by Permaframe come in a vast array of colours, combinations, sizes and applications. Whether you require a ‘like-for-like’ replacement window or a brand new set of replacement windows including our NEW Triple Glazed Window to enhance the look of your home, we will be able to provide the perfect solution. All our replacement windows are made with the highest quality UPVC or Aluminium - making your home warmer, quieter and totally secure. Our double glazed and triple glazed windows are one of the most energy efficient on the market.

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