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Did You Know We Offer A 10 Year Guarantee?

What you rightly want most when buying a new set of windows and doors, or a luxury home extension, is lasting quality. Without that, your money, dare we say it, will be wasted.

Bungalow Conservatory

Permaframe hates the thought of a customer being prematurely let down by any of our products. That’s why we endlessly slave away when developing and refining each individual design, and always use the best materials to create them.

It’s our relentless pursuit for product excellence that makes Permaframe such a reliable choice of home improvement company. And, there’s also our 10 year guarantee on top of that.

It wouldn’t be ethical of us to supply a guarantee of this length to customers if we didn’t believe that our products can last that long. We know that they can, and in many cases, much longer than that.

Everything we sell is tested to its limit, and it’s only when we’re fully satisfied an item will deliver enduring performance that we make it available to the buying public.

This guarantee gives you so much peace of mind as you know that you are covered if any problems arise in the future and you don’t have to go to the expense of rectifying them yourself. You can just call out Permaframe and get us to resolve whatever the issue/s is/are, something we’ll do extremely quickly.

What if Permaframe ceases trading during the guarantee period?

While that is unlikely to happen, if it did, you would still be covered as Permaframe is a registered member of FENSA. When you appoint a FENSA member, the 10 year guarantee is an Insurance Backed Guarantee, keeping you protected in the event of your original installer going out of business.


You can see with your own eyes how good our products are at our Frome showroom. When face-to-face with them, you will know that you’re guaranteed excellent quality.



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