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Permanent Prestige From Permaframe

24th July 2012

When considering any aspect of home improvement you need take into account a vast amount of different things. No matter how small or large the purchase or investment you need it to work for you and deliver exactly what you need and more! Your double glazing in Bath or double glazing in Somerset is no...

So Many Reasons To Consider Permaframe Conservatories

16th July 2012

Have you ever considered purchasing a conservatory? If not, why not? A conservatory offers so many different opportunities and can make the difference between a spacious property and one that is severely cramped for space. Permaframe know conservatories better than anybody and have detailed the reasons why adding one to your home is more than...

Pump Your Savings Into A Conservatory In Taunton

11th July 2012

If you are the kind of person who likes to be careful with their money and regularly puts part of your monthly wage away or into a savings account each month, you can be seen as being very sensible. At the moment the finances of many UK families are being squeezed tightly, which means whenever...

Utilise Your Junk And Earn Yourself Some Much-Needed Cash

26th June 2012

Most homeowners hoard to some extent. There are always a particular group of items that we very rarely use, but which have such sentimental value that we cannot bear to part with them, even when they are gathering dust in the loft or garage and taking up valuable space in the home. Online auctioneers eBay...

Introduce Cosy Living In Time For Winter At Permaframe

19th June 2012

Though you may find it hard to believe, there could not be a better time to install a conservatory at your home. With the weather set fair and the modern-day conservatory useable in all weathers, it is the ideal opportunity to extend your home in the most spectacular way possible. When the cold and dark...

Get Tenants Interested By Installing A Conservatory

12th June 2012

A widespread shortage of money amongst people living in the UK has resulted in a large number of people being unable to afford to buy their own home. As a result, there has been a significant leap in demand for rented accommodation and this surge is expected to increase further over the coming years as...

Peace And Quiet With Permaframe Double Glazing

24th May 2012

With the population in Britain continuing to increase the amount of people now living in close proximity to each other is on the rise. In larger cities, where population density is at its largest, the noise created can be deafening and finding a quiet place to gather your thoughts is almost impossible. Double glazing from...

Make Savings By Switching Energy Suppliers

16th May 2012

It is quite astonishing just how much household fuels bills have risen in recent years. Just a few short years ago you would be paying around half of the average £1,250 annual fuel bill per year that you are faced with nowadays and things are only set to get worse. Centrica, owners of British Gas,...

Permaframe Is The Number One Choice For Homes In Somerset

9th May 2012

Once you have decided that you are going to make a few home improvements to your property, such as replacement doors, windows, orangeries or conservatories, choosing the right company for the job is the next big decision that needs to be made. Searching the local area for a reputable company can quickly become a bit...

Stabilise The Value Of Your Home With Conservatories In Yeovil

3rd May 2012

The UK property market is currently as fragile as it has been for many a year. House prices up and down the country continue to fluctuate with thousands of people struggling to attract the level of interest in their home that they were hoping for. The lack of buyers has led some people to take...

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