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Is Triple Glazing Useful For Minimising The Sound Of External Noise?

27th March 2020

It’s so quiet outside at the moment, understandably, which will be welcomed by homeowners living in built-up areas who usually get lots of noise coming into their property.  Once the lockdown restrictions are lifted though, the sound of cars, trains, loud revellers etc. will soon return and if you’re fearing it, this would be an...

Does A Solid Roof Installation Require Planning Permission?

11th March 2020

Solid roofing systems have proved to be a real lifeline for people who own a conservatory but rarely get to use it anymore because of it ceasing to offer enough thermal efficiency. The application of one of these lightweight tile / slate coverings can solve that, restoring temperature regulation in conservatories and making them feel...

A Company You Can Trust – Permaframe Is FENSA Registered

9th March 2020

We have every sympathy with anyone currently on the lookout for a home improvement specialist to enhance their property, but unsure who they can trust. It doesn’t help that there are so many window and door companies touting for business. But you can separate the wheat from the chaff by checking out what accreditations they...

3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home’s Value

27th February 2020

In the past few days, it was announced that UK house price growth is at a 14-month high. This will be pleasing news for anybody considering selling their home in 2020. If you’re one of these people, a cautionary note before you put your property on the market – it needs to be in a...

Why You Shouldn’t Invest In A Modular Extension

21st February 2020

It’s no coincidence that ever since the government decided to permanently relax planning laws for single-storey extensions, more and more people are choosing to extend their home. With less red tape to overcome, it’s much simpler now to add an extension, which should give you food for thought if you have the capacity to extend...

Why Do My Windows Get Condensation And How Do I Stop It?

17th February 2020

If we received a pound for every time, we’ve been asked this question, well, let’s just say that we’d be a very rich company! It’s no surprise that we hear it a lot though as an estimated one in five British homes suffer with condensation, and yours might be one of them. Excess humidity and...

The Window Selling Tactics You Need To Avoid

10th February 2020

The double-glazing industry is extremely well-Policed nowadays due to the existence of various competent person schemes, like FENSA, and no longer has the stigma of years gone by. However, not every window company completely plays by the rules, with there still being a very small percentage of suppliers using questionable and sneaky sales tactics to...

Need A Window Or Door Repair? Call Out Our Window Doctor

24th January 2020

It’s been a topsy-turvy sort of winter with abnormally warm temperatures one day to Storm Brendan the next. How have your windows and doors held up against it? If the answer is “badly”, and any of them are either damaged or broken, it’s time to beckon the Permaframe Window Doctor to your home so that...

Want To Know What Will Be Hot In Home Décor This Year?

22nd January 2020

The start of a New Year seems a fitting time for anyone whose home feels a bit stale to get off their backside and give it a bit of a transformation to get them excited about living there again. It might be something that you’re contemplating doing yourself. If so, it’s a job that needs...

We’re Kicking Off The New Year With A January Sale

15th January 2020

You’re not a true Brit if you don’t love a bargain at this time of year, and there are loads of them to be had in our massive January sale. We’ve gone a bit mad and decided to mark the new decade by slashing prices across virtually our entire range of products, including all Conservatories,...

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