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Why Choose Permaframe For Your 2019 Home Improvements

8th January 2019

Happy New Year to you all! We hope that you had a very peaceful and relaxing Christmas and New Year. We have fully recharged our batteries and are excited to start working on the many projects we already have lined up in 2019. The job book is looking very full but we always have time...

...it’s Christmassssss

25th December 2018

The big day has arrived and we hope you’re enjoying today, joyful in the comfort of your home, surrounded by loved ones and sipping mulled wine. It has been a great 2018 but we now look forward to 2019 with lots of exciting things to come. So for now, here at Permaframe, we’d like to wish...

Fix Your Quotation Today To Avoid 2019 Price Increases

11th December 2018

It’s never easy telling your customers that you are putting up your prices but occasionally these things have to be done and when they are we believe it is important that we’re upfront about it. We wouldn’t contemplate keeping a forthcoming price rise a secret as it wouldn’t do us any favours and may make...

A Round-Up Of Home Trends For 2018 And Our Predictions For 2019

6th December 2018

So much has happened in 2018! Another Royal baby (or could it be twins?) has been announced, Brexit continues to lead the news agenda and we’ve seen all sorts of weird and wonderful home interior trends develop over the past 12 months. Sales of skylights soared as homeowners looked to capitalise on the light of...

How To Keep Your Home Secure This Holiday Season

5th December 2018

Christmas is now less than three weeks away and we imagine that come Christmas morning your house will be full of presents – that’s presuming that you and the rest of your family aren’t on Santa’s naughty list! Speaking of Santa, he should be the only person able to gain access to your home in...

Top Tips For Decorating Your Home This Christmas

21st November 2018

You know Christmas is close when the classic Coca-Cola advert is screened on TV. Are you ready for it and counting down to the big day? Putting up the Christmas decorations is a sure-fire way of giving you that Christmassy feel and an ideal time to do it will be on 1st December as it...

How Do I Get Planning Permission?

14th November 2018

Unless you have Permitted Development Rights, to be able to build a conservatory, orangery or porch at your home you may need to obtain planning permission first. Planning laws exist to ensure that developments are sufficiently designed and will in no way hinder citizens and the environment. Each local authority in Somerset, and throughout the...

How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

7th November 2018

We have already felt the presence of winter having experienced the coldest October in a decade and you might have felt it more than most if your home isn’t sufficiently insulated. Most of your time will be spent indoors over the coming months, so the last thing you want is to have your home life...

4 Benefits Of Investing In A Porch

5th November 2018

You must never rest on your laurels where your home is concerned as you should continuously think of ways of improving the property and then implement them. Doing so will make you proud of where you live and also increase the kerb appeal and value of the house, putting you in a strong position if...

Is Triple Glazing Better Than Double Glazing?

31st October 2018

Ever since we added triple glazed windows to our product range customers have asked us this question and it comes up a lot at this time of the year as householders look to insulate their properties. Double glazing is something we have supplied and fitted throughout our entire existence and triple glazing was a window...

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