Composite Doors from Permaframe...

Composite doors are ever more popular, especially now, when homeowners are more discerning and sophisticated in their buying decision. We’ve used innovative manufacturing processes and new product development to produce a door range that truly excel on style, performance and delivery. Our range of door sets are available in a wide choice of styles, colours and glass options with a performance which outlasts other brands. As industry experts, Permaframe believe Composite Doors to be one of the most robust on the market, making them the ideal choice to heighten security at your home. Whether period or contemporary is the look you wish to achieve, we have a Composite Door in a colour and style for you!

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  • Security
    The key to a more secure door...

    The key to a more secure door...

    You obviously want your front door to look as stylish as possible as first impressions always count, but its primary purpose should be to protect your home from disturbance. The composite door is without doubt one of the toughest door options on the market as it offers exceptional strength due it being composed of several durable materials, hence the composite name. It has the resilience to stand up to anything, burglars and the weather included.

  • Energy Saving
    A door solution designed to cut the cost of energy...

    A door solution designed to cut the cost of energy...

    When you consider the strength of a composite door it should come as no surprise that it is also outstanding when it comes to energy efficiency. All those draughts that managed to force their way through your old, ageing door will be gone forever when you substitute it for a composite offering and this will be reflected in your future fuel bills as they’ll be far more affordable. For a warmer home, a composite door is an absolute must.

  • Hardware
    Door hardware is integral to the performance of a composite door...

    Door hardware is integral to the performance of a composite door...

    A composite door just wouldn’t look right or function successfully without some stylish hardware fitted to it such as a secure set of hinges or a gleaming letterbox. Our hardware range is a never-ending collection of outstanding door furniture which when applied to the final door design will be what stands out most and gives it that all-important individuality.

  • Colour Options
    • Cream
      Cream Cream
    • Chartwell Green
      Chartwell Green
      Chartwell Green Chartwell Green
    • Blue
      Blue Blue
    • Dark Brown
      Dark Brown
      Dark Brown Dark Brown
    • Green
      Green Green
    • Golden Oak
      Golden Oak
      Golden Oak Golden Oak
    • Red
      Red Red
    • Black
      Black Black
    • White
      White White

    A colourful composite for every type of home...

    Whilst there’s absolutely nothing wrong with conventional composite colours such as white, black, blue and red, we like to be a little more diverse than most other home improvement companies by also offering modern favourites such as grey and Chartwell Green. We also know how highly favoured the timber look is amongst local homeowners which is why we also supply a number of oak and darkwood finishes that look exactly like traditional wood thanks to the moulded woodgrain effect.

  • Textured Glass
    • Chantilly
      Chantilly Chantilly
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Charcoal
    • Contora
      Contora Contora
    • Cotswold
      Cotswold Cotswold
    • Digital
      Digital Digital
    • Everglade
      Everglade Everglade
    • Flemish
      Flemish Flemish
    • Mayflower
      Mayflower Mayflower
    • Minster
      Minster Minster
    • Oak
      Oak Oak
    • Pelerine
      Pelerine Pelerine
    • Stippolyte
      Stippolyte Stippolyte
    • Taffeta
      Taffeta Taffeta
    • Warwick
      Warwick Warwick
    • Autumn
      Autumn Autumn

    Textured glass will give your door something different...

    Plain glass has been a staple feature of most front and back doors for hundreds of years and it’s a look that will never date. However, you could have a textured glass design to give your door a different personality which will also help in terms of privacy. Patterns include Digital, Autumn Leaf, Sycamore and a Cotswold decoration.

Doors from Permaframe...

Whether you like it or not your front door speaks volumes about your home. A disheveled door can bring down the entire appearance of your property, whereas a good looking replacement door will have the opposite effect. Doors from Permaframe in Frome, Somerset have the ability to raise the profile of your home all on their own and will undoubtedly impress any guests who visit your home. Permaframe's huge range of replacement doors including French, Patio Doors, all sharing eye-catching looks and a proven ability to protect your home are available in UPVC or the very latest Aluminium.

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