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Is every composite door the same?

Although they look similar, composite doors do vary in performance. The common depth of a standard composite door is 44mm, which will normally have a foam filling. A lightweight design, standard composite doors also have a GRP colour skin (commonly known as fibreglass).

At Permaframe, we also offer Solid Core composite doors. They are thicker with a depth of 48mm. Within the door, there are laminated layers of timber, making them stronger and more resilient than standard composite doors. We can colour match your chosen design to your door frame, thanks to UPVC skins.

If you aren’t sure which composite door will be right for your needs, the team at Permaframe can help.

Extreme Solid Core Door
Can I have two different colours on the internal side and external side of the door?

Yes, it is likely we will be able to supply you with a dual-coloured door. You may decide to go for a more neutral colour for the inside of your home and brighter door to stand out on the street. For any questions on our available colour finishes, download our brochure or contact us.

Internal White Composite Door


We have compiled a few of our commonly asked questions below. If you are looking at purchasing a new door, they could be of interest to you.

How many keys would I be given?

You’ll get 3 keys as standard with any door we install. You can ask for more when you confirm your order, or we can cut additional keys later, if they are required.

Will I be able to use the same key for both doors? (Suited)

That can easily be arranged. Again, just let the advisor know at the time of ordering your door and they will ensure your keys are suited so the same key works for both doors.

Yes, we can sort this. When placing your order, let your Permaframe advisor know you would like the key to work for both doors.

What is Secured by Design?

It is a Police-approved security initiative that’s all about enhancing the security of buildings and their immediate surroundings to make them safer places for people to reside in.

The Police Preferred Specification – SBD’s product-based accreditation scheme – is the formally recognised standard for products that can minimise acts of crime. This includes domestic windows and doors, and their accompanying components e.g., locks and hinges.

Coincidentally, Conservatory Outlet, our sister manufacturing company and part of the Conservatory Outlet Group, is a registered member of Secured by Design, so a wealth of our products satisfy the necessary standard. If home security is one of your biggest concerns, communicate this to a Clearview advisor.

Secured by Design is a police-led initiative that works to improve the security of buildings. Products that achieve an SBD rating meet the highest standard possible and help to deter and reduce crime. If you’d like your door to be SBD accredited, inform our team and we’ll walk you through the process.

Roughly 35% of all burglaries in the UK occur when a front door is broken into. This is a shockingly high number and showcases just how important a front door is to the security – and sanctuary – of your property. We want to ensure that every home is as safe as possible. That’s why our range of home improvement products exceed the highest British standards. Anything less would be putting you and your home at risk.

What does a 3-star rated door barrel mean?

A 3-star door cylinder provides maximum security. In fact, it is the highest rated cylinder on the market and it has been subjected to thorough tests to ensure this. We include ‘Snap Secure’ technology that will keep your home, family and possessions safe.

Can a French door be completely folded back?

Yes, it can. If you would like your French doors to give you an even wider view, we can add an egress hinge, enabling you to fold back the door completely.

What should I choose – sliding patio doors or bi-folds?

Both our sliding patio doors and bi-folding doors can be used in a variety of situations to transform your home and when installed between your conservatory and home, both doors will turn two rooms into one. Our bi-folding dooes can be folded back completely, giving you wide access and stunning views of your garden. However, our sliding patio doors feature slimmer frames, so they give a less restricted view when closed. If you are in between the two, you can’t go wrong! Our advisors can offer advice on which is best for you.


We’re a fair and honest company, who will always value our promises made to customers. Permaframe puts you first.


Permaframe customer advisors will be honest, diligent and at all times fair in their dealings with you. We don’t artificially inflate our prices in order to offer dramatic but bogus discounts. We simply offer good deals and honest value for money. At the point of sale we’ll be thorough in all details concerning the contract. What we put down on the contract is exactly what we’ll do.


When you choose Permaframe, you get first-rate customer service, exceptional products and unmatched affordability. Our extensive range of products uses the most advanced materials on the market - ensuring the perfect consistency of quality, colour, and finish throughout every product range.


Permaframe's comprehensive 20 Year Guarantee offers you complete value for money. We’re able to offer our guarantee on a wide range of replacement windows, doors, conservatories and orangeries because we use only the best materials and components which have been selected for their inherent durability, and which are proven to withstand the test of time.


Product quality, customer service and unbeatable value for money are at the heart of our success. We use the latest computer controlled equipment to manufacture products that meet the industry’s ultimate quality assurance standards. You can be absolutely confident that the builders and installers who arrive at your home are totally qualified and craft trained in the work they are to undertake and have completed many installations throughout Somerset.


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