Permaframe’s Tilt & Turn windows offer an adaptable design for added ventilation…

Tilt & Turn windows are an ideal choice for keeping rooms well ventilated. The additional opening allows ample fresh air to flow freely throughout your home. Turn the handle once and the top of the window tilts inwards, turn further and the whole window will open inwards to let the fresh air flow. Ideal for singular openings, our Tilt & Turn windows come equipped with a large glass expanse, allowing for easier cleaning both inside and out.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows

A unique, two way turning function allows the windows to be opened inwardly, hinging from the side. As for the finish, you couldn’t wish for a more comprehensive selection of colours.

UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
UPVC Tilt & Turn Windows
Do your tilt & turn windows provide you with EXTREME protection?

Security is extremely important to get right when it comes to windows, which is why our EXTREME collection focuses on combining advanced security features and exceptional design. Each window has 11 visible locking points - that’s three times the protection of a standard window! 

  • EXTREME enhanced security with centre VAULTBOLT and multi cam locking technology.
  • EXTREME enhanced durability with UNIQUE superglide gearbox ensures smooth operation.
  • EXTREME enhanced COMPRESSION and acoustics with interlocking hinge bolts and optimum weatherseals.

Tilt & Turn Frame

Highly engineered frames, that offer unrivalled thermal efficiency to keep your home comfortably warm, available in a wide variety of colours and has the versatility to create elaborate designs.

Ultimate Glass

High performance next generation glass for superb energy efficiency. With acoustic glass to block out the sound of a bust neighbourhood, or patterned privacy glass for a bathroom, we’ll have the perfect solution for you.

Tilt & Turn Gearing

8-point locking system to fix your window sash into the frame at multiple points in one action, for impenetrable airtight security.

Tilt & Turn Handles

Our Tilt & Turn Handles come in a range of colours to suit your home, they’re built to last with robust materials and quality finishes.

Versatile Design

Bright and airy, our Tilt & Turn windows are perfect for keeping rooms well ventilated. Turn the handle once to tilt the top of the window inwards, turn further and your whole window will open inwards to permit fresh air to circulate.
Reducing your heating bills starts with energy efficient windows…

Permaframe’s thermally efficient windows will eliminate draughts in your home, putting a stop to cold air getting into your home. This will help reduce your energy bills so you can enjoy more disposable income in the long term.

Not only will your bills be lower, but your home will feel much warmer and more inviting to guests.

White UPVC Windows
Oak Envisage Flush Windows
White UPVC Windows


At Permaframe, we like to give homeowners the opportunity to customise their windows to their taste, creating a unique design tailored to them and their home. That’s why we offer a wide range of colours, hardware and glazing options.

When you can’t decide between two colours, choose a dual finish…

White window finishes are popular for good reason, but if you decide you want something different, we have an assortment of colours available. You’ll find both traditional and contemporary colour options for your Extreme tilt & turn windows. Grey is becoming increasingly popular for windows and fortunately Permaframe has many different grey shades available - just speak to an advisor for more details.

Glazing for your every requirement…

Our intelligent glazing is a big factor in the energy efficiency of your Extreme windows. We have both clear and privacy glass options so you can choose the perfect glass for your needs. You can step inside our Frome showroom to view our different glazing variations in person and speak to a Permaframe advisor for advice and guidance.

Carefully crafted handles…

Our craftspeople have created beautiful handles for your Extreme windows. From handles that are contemporary and sleek to traditional and ornate designs, you’ll find the perfect handles in our collection.

As well as making your windows incredibly secure, the design of our handles promise a smooth opening and closing, so you can welcome fresh air into your home in seconds and without a fuss.


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