Bi-Folding Doors

Our high performance Bi-Folding Doors are designed to give you the advantage through a technically innovative product that has become the market’s ‘must have’ product of today. The Bi-Folding Door meets the demands of contemporary living combined with beauty, function and form. Door panels are configured into a number of folds for greater versatility, which concertina into a small space, allowing optimum light and access into a room with minimal obstruction. Bi-Folding Doors allow for a wider opening from a house, orangery or conservatory – extending any home so owners can enjoy the benefits of the outdoors and their gardens all year round. Ideal in applications where an opening or partition is required between rooms, or where the home leads onto a patio outside area.

Bi-folding doors can be used in many different ways including conservatories...

If you were to compile a list of spectacular home improvements there’s no doubt that Bi-Folding doors would sit somewhere near the top of the list as they’re one of the most sophisticated products on the market. They bear no comparison to any other door solution as they’re completely unique and have set the standard for future door designs to follow, a very high standard at that.

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Bi-folding doors look stunning surrounding by the brickwork of orangery pillars and walls

Your orangery can be made even more remarkable with the inclusion of Bi-Folding doors as the slender aluminium frames work marvellously with its predominantly brick-built exterior. They can either be placed in the largest available aperture or fitted at two separate ends of the orangery to create an ‘L’ shape.

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Connect the main living and working areas of your home with the outdoors...

The rooms in your house all serve their own individual purpose. To ensure that they each retain their intended identity why not utilise Bi-Folding doors as a method of sealing off one place from another e.g. living room and dining room. You can even position them between a balcony and patio area or have them sit sandwiched between an outdoor swimming pool and indoor gym.

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Bi-folding doors will create a unique, open plan space

To be classed as a ‘permitted development’ and be exempt from planning permission, conservatories must, among other things, have an external grade door separating it from the main property – what better way to do this than with a bi-fold door? When closed an internal bi-fold door will allow you to see into your conservatory and, of course, allow natural light into your home whilst meeting the requirement to have a separate door. But when you want to access your conservatory, or merge the two rooms together, a bi-fold door will more than oblige and create one unique, open plan space.

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