Extreme Solid Core Doors

Strong and stylish to the max, the Extreme Solid Core Door is unlike any other composite door on the market.

The door’s inherent strength comes from its unique composition. 16 cross-locking layers of laminated timber combine to create the door’s robust core. This is backed up by an ‘Auto-Engage’ locking system that does exactly what it says on the tin, further securing your property. As well as being incredibly strong, an Extreme Solid Core Door represents a stylish choice as it’s available in a wide range of both modern and contemporary designs.

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First impressions count. The external appearance of your home is just as important as your interior décor – your outside doors must make a positive first impression.

Given that the door’s inner strength comes from its 16 individual layers, we’re pleased to offer our customers 16 bespoke door designs. These are available in 22 fantastic colours, to create a total of 352 possible combinations. No matter the style of your property or your tastes, you’ll find the perfect door to fit your home in our collection. And you can tailor it even further with our range of hardware and accessories.

As much as the front door will invite guests in, the presence of an Extreme Solid Core Door will keep unwanted visitors out. Its 48mm core is impossible to shift and the addition of an automatically engaging lock with a ‘Snap Secure’ cylinder will keep your home, family and possessions safe.

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View a selection of our Solid Core Door Range

Oxwich - White
Corfe - White
Oxwich - Vintage Teal
Culzean - Vintage Teal
Rhuddlan - Signal Grey
Castell - Vintage Teal
Portchester - Signal Grey
Culzean - Signal Grey
Castell - Signal Grey
Harlech - Signal Grey
Culzean - Rosewood
Harlech - Rosewood
Portchester - Rosewood
Culzean - Rosewood
Corfe - Rosewood
Oxwich - Rich Plum
Carisbrooke - Rich Plum
Rhuddlan - Rich Aubergine
Oxwich - Red
Fraser - Red
Corfe - Red
Carisbrooke - Red
Rhuddlan - Peacock Blue
Fraser - Mauve
Rhuddlan - Irish Oak
Corfe - Irish Oak
Dunvegan - Irish Oak
Kilchurn - Grey
Kilchurn - Grey
Harlech - Green
Dunvegan - Green
Harlech - Golden Oak
Rhuddlan - Duck Egg Blue
Dunvegan - Golden Oak
Harlech - Duck Egg Blue
Harlech2 - Duck Egg Blue
Harlech1 - Duck Egg Blue
Dunvegan1 - Duck Egg Blue
Harlech2 - Dark Truffle
Harlech1 - Dark Truffle
Dunvegan2 - Dark Truffle
Dunvegan1 - Dark Truffle
Castell - Dark Truffle
Castell - Cream
Harlech3 - Cobalt Blue
Portchester - Cobalt Blue
Portchester - Chartwell Green
Harlech3 - Chartwell Green
Dunvegan1 - Blue
Fraser - Blue
Carisbrooke - Blue
Rhuddlan4 - Anthracite Grey
Fraser - Anthracite Grey
Dunvegan1 - Anthracite Grey
Carisbrooke - Anthracite Grey

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