Permaframe’s replacement tiled roofs are incredibly lightweight, especially when compared to traditional roofing material.
Modernise your conservatory in a short space of time

Unfortunately, many materials commonly used for conservatories in the past were not as energy efficient as modern materials. If you already have a conservatory you can minimise the cost of revamping it by replacing the roof only, and having it installed on top of the existing windows, doors and base. Existing windows and doors will, in most cases, be in a suitable condition to remain in-situ, but we will perform all the necessary checks as a matter of course.

It takes less time than you think to fit a Permaframe replacement roof onto a conservatory and, once the old roof has been removed, a watertight covering can be achieved within the space of 2-3 hours and the whole roof can often be completed within one working day. Upon completion, you’ll notice the improvement in room temperature almost immediately.

Tiled Roof Conservatory
Choosing a solid tiled roof from Permaframe is the right decision…

You should expect your living space to be usable at any time of the year and it will be if a solid roof has a presence atop of the structure. Our solid roofs provide excellent insulation properties, being composed of an insulated plywood and rigid insulation board.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory
Give your living space a solid look and feel...

The whole feel of your conservatory will change from the moment installation of a solid roof reaches completion; expect it to have nothing but a positive effect on the internal ambience. Some natural light will be lost as a consequence of fitting a solid roof, but great swarms of light will still pass through the windows and doors. A solid roof looks the part as it shares a close resemblance to both traditional tiles and slates, depending on which option you choose. A painstaking amount of detailing has gone into its creation to make it look authentic.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory
Attributes of a tiled roof conservatory

Give our expert designers your ideas for your very own tiled roof conservatory so that they can integrate them into the final design of your conservatory.

To allow our design team to plan their absolute best solution for your home’s project, it is helpful to measure your space’s dimensions. Pass this along with some photographs over to our team at your design appointment.

Tiled Roof Conservatory Living Space

Tiled Roof Insulation

The materials complied to make the Warm Roof, including rigid insulation board and insulated plywood, are thermally efficient and prevent heat loss, keeping the room at a more comfortable temperature all year round and increasing its usability.

Tiled Roof Tiles

Externally the lightweight roof coverings emulate the appearance and colour of traditional roofing tiles or slate so that you can choose a finish that is in-sync with the rest of the property.

Tiled Roof Glass

Available with a variety of styles and roof glazing to suit all, so you can find the best option to suit you and your home. Glass panels and Velux windows can be seamlessly integrated exactly where you want them.


Fully insulated internal Pelmet which gives a room-like feel and is ideal for downlights and speakers.


Permaframe has a carefully selected range of finishing touches for our tiled roof conservatories, including various attractive colours and rugged tile options.

Our aluminium finishes are powder coated using the highest quality materials which make them very resistant to fading…

We employ a state of the art 11-stage powder coating process to give our aluminium a rich colour finish. The touch and feel of the finished product speaks for itself and the process’ strong paint adhesions will keep your home looking its finest for years to come.

In addition to our incomparable paint finishes, we also offer a woodgrain finish on our aluminium products which benefit from a special sublimation process. The result is finishes in Oak, Rosewood or Walnut which are nearly imperceptible from true wood.

Enhance your frames with gorgeous window handles…

We have a team of truly expert craftspeople who take immense pride in creating detailed, quality hardware to accentuate our products. Our traditional and contemporary styled handles are a breeze to use when opening and closing your new windows.

You can rest assured knowing that when closed and locked your home will be safe due to their secure locking system.


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Internal finishes of two kinds…

If you’re a traditionalist at heart then our painted plasterboard is likely to appeal most as it gives off a classic and clean finish. For something that feels a little warmer, then try our timber clad finish which has a richness and texture to it guaranteed to give a solid roof a very noticeable presence within your conservatory, especially during the winter months. The inclusion of centre pivoting timber roof windows as an accompaniment to the timber internal finish will give the overall structure that ‘cabin-style’ effect.

Solid Tiled Roofs


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