Contemporary in style, our flat roofs are a minimalist’s dream. We can add lanterns or skylights to drive light into your space.
Modern styling at its best

Permaframe’s flat roof is simple and minimalistic. It can be easily customised with skylights and lanterns and we can even install an overhang if you wish to have a covered area in your outdoor space.

Our flat roofs perform exceptionally well when it comes to energy efficiency, which will help control your heating bills. You’ll also be able to comfortably enjoy the space throughout every season.

Flat Roof Extensions
Made to measure

All our roofs are made to your exact requirements. We will design the roof to complement your current structure. We can even add bi-folding doors that span up to 5.8m without requiring additional pillars.

Flat Roof Extensions
A touch of light

We can showcase you many ideas to customise your flat roof, including a range of soffit and fascia options, lanterns and skylights. Your roof is totally unique and can be personalised to your style and performance needs.

Flat Roof Extensions
Flat Roof features

Flat roofs can make a statement with asymmetrical angles and edges. Our designers can also show you what it would look like if we added lanterns or flat skylights.

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Flat Roof

Thermally Insulated Glass Frames

With warm frame technology to minimise condensation build-up.

Edge to Edge Glass

For a frameless contemporary look

Solar Control Glazing

Your choice of solar control glazing options to keep your room comfortably warm and energy efficient.

Flat Roof Membrane

For a contemporary style and high performance design.

Decorative Cornice

To add the all-important finishing touch to your roof.


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Beautifully Pitched

For our lanterns, the design has been perfected. Our designers have worked hard to maximise the amount of natural light that will make its way through them, to create an airy and light-filled space. Our lanterns have thermal efficient components to ensure your space can be used all year long.

Flat Roof Extensions
Frameless Skylights

For magnificent edge-to-edge glazing, there’s truly nothing like our modern frameless skylights. Fortunately for Permaframe customers, each skylight comes with noise reducing glazing as standard and is fitted with slim aluminium surrounds, a fully insulated housing section that benefits from Warm Frame technology.

Flat Roof Extensions


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