Any questions that you have about our replacement roofs may well be covered amongst our FAQ’s.
Should I install a tiled roof or glass roof?

There are many factors to consider when deciding the best roof for you.

Ultimately, how much space is needed, which direction it will face and the monetary options you may have all need to be considered. At Permaframe, we offer many options such as solar glazing for a clear view to your garden allowing natural light to flood in as well as many other options for roofs.

For instance, if you desire an extension for all seasons, a solid tiled roof may be the correct option for you. Whether it is our Velux windows or full length glass panels, both would offer the best of both worlds by making it a combination of a solid and glass roof.

One of our expert Permaframe advisors is always available for a more in depth insight.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory
Should I upgrade my existing frames?

We think yes, if you want to maximise your home’s energy efficiency, then the right thing to do is to install modern, thermally efficient windows when your new roof is installed. This will assure you that you can utilise your new conservatory during all seasons.

The worst possible situation is to install a new roof and still be left in a draughty room due to poorly insulated windows. At Permaframe, we can get your sorted out with a full package of a new roof as well as solidly insulated windows at an extremely competitive price.

Replacement Tiled Roof Conservatory


Our team of expert advisors are always here to help. Be sure to ask them anything and find some of our frequently asked questions here.

How is a replacement tiled roof constructed?

vWhile we always style and measure your replacement roof to your home’s requirements, our tiled roofs are largely pre-built based on your dimensions. So, it does not take long for us to install your new roof once we transport it to your home.

At Permaframe, our tiled roofs are constructed from a pre-engineered lightweight frame with fire-grade plasterboard, insulated panels as well as an impenetrable membrane with exterior grade plywood. Offering a wide array of tiled finishes, you can request a variety of solid roofs to be sure that your new extension harmoniously fits in with your existing home.

What is a Clad over roof?

Weight: Generally, a clad over roof may end up being too much weight for the existing framework as it utilises timber, insulation and tiles which carry significant weight. New conservatory roofs need to be lightweight with the lightest solid roof systems weighing about 31KG/M ².

Tip: Be sure to ask your installer for the per unit weight of your new roof per Sq.M

Fire Safety: ‘Clad-over’ roofs are unable to adhere with the current fire safety standards because they are not fire tested as a total roof structure. They need to satisfy these regulations as part of the building standards codes. Only certain roof components need to be tested during an original construction, but new solid roofs must be classified as AC, AB or AA in accordance with BS476-3.

Tip: Before you commit to a project, always ask to view the entire fire safety certificate.

Building Regulations: Due to its low thermal integrity and weak structural components, a clad over system rarely receives Building Regulations Approval. This is completely separate from a planning permission so it is not to be confused. It is imperative that Building Control is made aware of plans to modify a structure such as replacing a polycarbonate or glass roof with a solid one. 

Tip: Be sure to notify your local Building Control before starting a conversion. Have a Building Regulations ‘Final’ Certificate in hand and keep it safe throughout the process. 

Am I still going to have temperature-related problems?

We will be honest with you, your days of uncomfortable conditions in different seasons will come to an end. The days of feeling like you’re in a greenhouse during the warm months in your aged polycarbonate roof will be over. Our replacement tiled roofs have optimal solar control glazing and will end the days of the weather having such an impact on your living space.

What does an ‘A’ rated window even mean?

The rated windows are classified as the most energy efficient windows in the UK by the BFRC Rating Scheme. Each and every replacement window is given an energy rating, these ratings let you know if they are within the regulations to conform to Building Regulations.

The energy efficiency guidelines for windows are similar to the traffic-light style system used in levels of ‘white’ goods such as fridges, freezers and washing machines which makes them easier to understand. Utilise these guidelines as a way to help you stay informed when purchasing your new windows.

What can I expect to pay for my new roof?

It depends… If you plan on renovating a small conservatory you can expect to spend around £5,000, but a large conservatory could run you about £12,000.

How long will a roof replacement take?

Generally, it only takes us a few days, so you will be enjoying your new replacement roof soon after we arrive.

Do I need to have approval for planning permission?

When you change from your existing roof to a new replacement roof, you do not need planning permission. However, you do need to have approval from the Building Regulations or else you may have trouble if you ever decide to sell your home.

Do I need Building Regulations Approval?

It is necessary to get Building Regulations Approval as it confirms with your local authority that your replacement roof has been approved. In addition, this confirms that a government approved building control inspector has endorsed the new roof has been installed to a standard deemed to be thermally efficient and structurally sound. If there comes a time when you would like to sell the house, there will be no issues due to unauthorised projects.

Do you offer finance to help me pay for my replacement roof?

Yes. To make life easy for you, Permaframe can arrange a variety of affordable and convenient easy payment finance options (subject to application & status). Applying for finance is simple and we promise you a quick decision. Everything can be sorted out with you in the comfort of your home or at your local Permaframe Showroom, so you can enjoy whatever you’ve set your heart on right away.

What do we need to do when our finance is approved?

If you’re arranging your own finance, you’ll need to call us as soon as you get the go ahead. If you’re taking up one of our offers, the company will tell us both directly, so there’s no need to call as we will get in touch with you.

What happens if finance is refused?

Finance companies can turn down people for lots of reasons, for example if you’ve moved several times over the past few years. In these circumstances, we always do our best to help and sometimes it’s worth trying another provider, especially if they know you.

I’ve applied for finance with Permaframe. How long will approval take?

Sometimes our finance company will say ‘yes’ almost immediately and on other occasions it may take them a few days. This short delay can be for any number of reasons and you should not be unduly concerned.


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