New Forté Composite Doors

It’s time to get familiar with the remarkably cutting-edge Forté range, Britain’s most elegant and durable composite door solution.
Forté is a door you can trust...

Forté composite doors are a new industry innovation and deliver on all fronts, especially in the areas of energy efficiency, functionality, and style, each seamlessly blended together. They come in a variety of designs and colours, and you can occupy their openings with intricately patterned glazing. Forté has a high-end aesthetic, but certainly not a high-end cost, and is ready to be installed by Permaframe at homes throughout Somerset including Bath, Exeter, Taunton, and Yeovil.

Forte Composite Doors
Offering maximum energy savings...

The increasing cost of energy inspired us to develop Forté in a way that would see it preserve high quantities of warmth in the home for long periods to promote sustained internal comfort and keep heating costs down. A mix of materials are relied on to manufacture the design, including wood, insulation foam and UPVC, which is why Forté is also formidably strong.

Forte Composite Doors