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Over 25 Years In Home Improvements - Permaframe Is A Trusted Company

When you have such a thriving business, time really does fly! We can hardly believe that it’s now more than 25 years ago that we set up Permaframe, and all these years on, we’re still here, which tells you one thing – our customers must think we’re doing something right!

Bungalow Conservatory

You won’t find many other businesses in this industry that have stayed the course like we have, both nationally and locally. 

Unless you provide great products and the highest standard of service, time and time again, it’s very difficult to survive, but survive, we have.

So, what is it about Permaframe that people love so much? The trust factor would be one of the biggest reasons. 

From speaking to family and friends, and hearing of our reputation, people know that Permaframe won’t let them down and their money will be well spent in our hands. 

It’s also acknowledged by a key industry figure, FENSA, that Permaframe has the credentials to deliver outstanding installations. 

We are in an elite group of companies to achieve the FENSA accreditation, which doesn’t get handed out easily. You have to be the best of the best, and consistently prove it under the most intense pressure. It can quickly be revoked if you demonstrate signs of letting standards slip, but our team is committed to retaining the accreditation by collectively working tirelessly.

People also find our honesty to be refreshing. 

We’ve all heard about someone who has been stung by a dishonest home improvement ‘specialist’, but Permaframe is straight down the line with customers, never keeping any secrets, and always being transparent from start to finish. 

For what you get, our pricing structure is extremely reasonable too – we regularly monitor our prices and keep them as competitive as we can. 

Within a few minutes of talking to a Permaframe consultant, you will decipher that you’re dealing with a professional outfit that you can put your house on to do a great job for you!

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