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3 Assets Of Buying A Solid Roof

Many conservatories in this country are criminally underused, generally because a lot of traditional conservatories have a limited lifespan.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

Whilst they may have provided consistent warmth for a number of years after their original installation, their performance gradually dips until the time when they become unusable during summer and winter.

Some of the finger of blame can be pointed at the roof. But all hope isn’t lost as it can be replaced with what we call a ‘solid roof’.
Here are 3 reasons we advocate a solid roof:

1. Restores energy efficiency

You will be able to enjoy your conservatory in any weather as the solid roof will provide year-round energy efficiency. Even during the coldest times of the year, the inside of the structure will be comfortable enough to relax in, so make it the main living area for all future Christmases and New Years.

2. Reduces noise levels

When rain, sleet or hailstones hit a traditional conservatory roofing system the impact can be significant enough to reverberate around the interior. How are you supposed to relax in such circumstances? A solid roof will minimise any noise generated by the weather and also limit how much external sound filters its way into the space.

3. Cuts the cost of heating bills

Because your conservatory will feel much warmer following the addition of a solid roof you will have no reason to use your heating system excessively; it will heat itself. This inevitably means cheaper energy bills. The inclusion of centre pivot windows in the solid roof design will give you a source of ventilation in summer if you need it.

So that your conservatory roof never lets you down, you could always stipulate the inclusion of a solid roof at the outset when buying a home extension.

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