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The Benefits Of Bi-Folding Doors

Open-plan living has become a hugely popular home lifestyle choice in recent times as it enables natural light to travel throughout a house.

Large Grey Orangery with Bi-Folding Doors

This can often involve utilising existing free wall space within the building to incorporate a set of bi-folding doors. Sometimes they’re also added to extensions like the conservatory or an orangery to establish a passageway from the extension to the garden.

Bi-folding doors are completely incomparable to any other door solution both because of how they look and how they function.

What is a bi-folding door?

A folding sliding door, otherwise known as a bi-folding door, consists of a series of individual door leafs (2 up to a maximum of 7) that fold as they’re opened until they fully concertina at the opposite end of the track. As you can probably imagine, a 7-door long bi-folding door spans a very lengthy distance. Manufactured from aluminium, the door leafs can be both double or triple glazed.

Benefits of a bi-folding door

  • The lightness of the aluminium frames makes it incredibly easy to push a bi-folding door open in just a few seconds.
  • You can create a host of different openings from various partial openings to a fulsome opening.
  • The aluminium frames have been intricately moulded to create the slenderest of sightlines which allows a high volume of glass to be included in the design. All this glass gives you supreme external views.
  • Aluminium is a weather-resistant material and the colour is applied using a powder-coated process, so further maintenance will be minimal.
  • The installation of bi-folding doors can significantly increase the resale value of a house and is likely to entice buyers.
  • It won’t just be you that falls for your new bi-folding doors as any guests that come to visit will also be enchanted by them and be talking about them long after they’ve left.

Will I need planning permission?

In the majority of cases, no application for planning permission needs to be submitted for a proposed bi-folding door installation as will be a Permitted Development. It’s always best to check though with your local authority before proceeding with the installation.

Where can I see some quality bi-folds?

Call us biased, but at Permaframe of course! Bi-folds are amongst one of several products on display at our Frome showroom and we’d love for you to come and see if you agree that they’re outstanding.


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