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Why Bi-Folding Doors Are A Great Addition For The Summer

Did the weather peak too soon? We had a glorious June, but July has been pretty wet so far and not so warm either, considering it’s meant to be the summer season! But there’s time yet for things to improve and for the summer to be a scorcher (we’re forever optimistic!). 

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors

If temperatures rise again and the sun’s regularly out, you will be wishing that you had a way of opening out your house, if you don’t currently have one, which you would be able to do if you had bi-folding doors integrated into your rear wall. 

Whether you only have enough wall space for a 2-pane bi-fold or the biggest bi-fold of them all, the 7-pane design, the generous opening would turn your interior and exterior into one giant living space.

From the moment you arrive downstairs on a hot summer’s morning to the point when it’s time for bed, the door could be left ajar, either partially or completely. 

It’ll get the kids off the sofa and act as an encouragement for them to get some fresh air in their lungs and play outside. 

You will also be enticed into the garden more often than normal and are likely to become a family that loves to dine outdoors. 

Any social occasions you hold at home will feel more special too. 

It gives guests the option of holding conversations out on the patio or in the lounge, and there will be an element of theatre when you transport food you’ve prepared to a dinner table surrounded by hungry diners. And we guarantee that one of the main topics of conversation will be your bi-folding doors as they are visually stunning! 

There will be some summer nights that are rather on the cool side. When a bi-fold is closed, it will do a good job of keeping out the chill, so that you’re lovely and toasty indoors. The same will be true in winter, so you won’t have to be overly dependent on your heating system to stay warm. 

Bi-folding doors are included in the MASSIVE summer sale at Permaframe if you would like a set of them for your home at a super-low cost. 

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