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Why Buying A Porch Will Be A Great Home Investment

Pretend that you’re visiting your home for the very first time and look directly at the entrance into the building. Does it wow you or leave you distinctly unimpressed?

Brick Porch

If you get the latter reaction, you need to do something about it and having a stunning porch integrated into your entrance will definitely elevate its look, making you more house proud and making others more appreciative of it too.

You wouldn’t just be buying a porch off the back of that either, as there are additional benefits to the product.

Extra storage

The longer you live in your house, space often becomes harder and harder to come by.

A porch from Permaframe will have some welcome depth to it, which you’ll absolutely cherish if space is currently tight.

It could be a dumping ground for footwear, freeing up some room in your wardrobes, giving you easy access to your shoes and boots each time you’re about to leave the house. A coat or umbrella stand could also sit inside to further take the pressure off your bedroom closets.

Buyer appeal

When that ‘For Sale’ sign goes up outside of your property, you will want it to be sold as quickly as possible. But for that to happen, it needs to have widespread appeal.

A smart UPVC or brick-built porch will certainly work in your favour as it will give your home character and give buyers some extra space to make the place their own.

Boosted security

Your home should be a safe space, where you feel completely secure and aren’t consumed with the thought of someone breaking in.

There are multiple secure components within our porch designs, so once one has been installed, the likelihood of you being the victim of a home theft will be hugely reduced.

If reading this blog has encouraged you to get a porch put in place at your home, contact Permaframe for a quote.

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