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How To Get Your Hands On A Replacement FENSA Certificate

Hopefully, the name ‘FENSA’ will mean something to you as the government-authorised scheme, which regulates companies involved in the double glazing industry, has been advertised quite frequently on TV over the past couple of years. 

FENSA is short for the Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme and their ad campaign urges householders to use FENSA-approved installers for their home improvements as their installers rank amongst the very best window, door and conservatory suppliers. 

Permaframe is one of those companies, having obtained our FENSA accreditation some time ago. 

It’s firmly in your interest to opt for a FENSA installer because you know that the work they carry out at your home will meet the highest possible standards. You also have someone to turn to if things go wrong or an installation falls short of the expected standard. 

Only when using a FENSA installer will you also receive a FENSA certificate, usually at the conclusion of having your windows and doors fitted. 

FENSA certificates were first introduced in 2002 and are issued as proof that a window or door installation has been officially certified with a local authority, delivers an accepted level of energy efficiency and satisfies UK building regulations. 

You must keep hold of the certificate as you will need it when selling your home. Without it, you may find it difficult to secure a buyer. 

If it gets lost, thankfully, you can get a replacement certificate. 

Go to the FENSA website, and enter your address and the certificate ID no., if you have it. It should locate the installation, if it was correctly certified. 

When it’s you who’s buying a new house, enquire as to whether any relatively new windows and doors were fitted by a FENSA installer, and if so, insist on being given the FENSA certificate for them. 


Make a FENSA-approved company, like Permaframe, your first choice for any future home improvements. 

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