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How To Be Guaranteed A More Secure Home

Time is moving so fast! It’s already October, so before long, the clocks will be going back and it will be getting dark super early. 

Burglars love it when it’s dark outside for longer because they see it as a better opportunity to break into people’s houses, without getting caught. 

Increased theft at this time of the year is one of the reasons why October is officially National Home Security Month, an annual initiative that serves to remind householders of the importance of home security.  

You can easily step up your home security. Just put the following three tips into practice:

Install a working burglar alarm

Here’s a disturbing statistic. A house in the UK is burgled every 106 seconds. It wouldn’t happen so frequently though if more UK homes had a burglar alarm – currently, only a third of them do. 

On average, a burglary amounts to £3,000, whereas a bells-only alarm, silent alarm, wireless alarm or dialler alarm can cost just £200, so it’s madness not to have one. 

A modern-day alarm will alert you to potential intrusion the second that it detects it. 

You can get a dummy burglar alarm, but a seasoned burglar is no dummy and will recognise it as a fake. 

Avoid leaving out a spare key

Putting a spare key under a doormat or pot plant outside for a friend or relative is a massive gamble that could come back to bite you. 

They will be the first places that a thief looks, before trying to force their way into a house, so don’t give them such an easy route indoors. 

Cut a spare key instead for anyone who definitely needs it. 

After opening a window or door lock on the inside, take the key out. If you leave it in, can you totally rule out someone managing to swipe it?

Add a more secure set of windows and doors

Most break-ins occur through an insecure window and door, so you need a really strong set of windows and doors to shut out thieves. 

To find out if your windows and doors are secure enough, lock them and then give them a decent push to see if they move at all. When they do, replace them. 

The multipoint lock that’s affixed to a new window or door will keep it firmly fixed shut, when locked, and most new windows and doors are internally glazed, which stops the glass in them from being removed from the outside.

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