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Help Your Home Get Noticed With A New Front Door

People often make their own individual judgements within a split second so first impressions always count. This means that you typically only have one chance to influence their thoughts so getting it right first time is extremely important and nowhere is this more applicable than to your home.

Golden Oak Composite Door

Your choice of front door can have a strong impact on people’s perceptions as it tends to be one of the first things they see on approaching your abode.

A tired, lifeless and scruffy looking front door can fill them with trepidation about entering into the interior, whilst a bright, vibrant and commanding door will have them rushing to see what other elegant touches lie inside. It really can become a centrepiece, something of an iconic focal point.

Unconvinced by the powerful presence of a quality front door? Look no further than the door fitted at 10 Downing Street; that polished black finish gives the door and entire residence an imposing stature fit for a Prime Minister.

Did you know though that early in the 20th Century, the entrance into 10 Downing Street, arguably the most famous front door in the world, was actually painted dark green? Seems wrong doesn’t it.

You may not know that there are in fact two front doors utilised, with one kept in storage each time the other needs maintaining, something which is carried out about every six months.

Though not as authoritative in terms of appearance, that’s one key advantage that a Permaframe door has over the door/s of 10 Downing Street, as it needs virtually no maintenance throughout its entire lifespan, retaining its good looks at all times.

As front doors go you couldn’t wish for a more comprehensive array of options than is offered at Permaframe so make sure you investigate each design before making a final decision to ensure visitors to your home stand up and take notice.

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