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Interior Ideas For Your Home

It’s been a long time coming but summer is officially underway and a new season presents new opportunities for all householders such as you summoning up the effort to refresh your home interior.

Livin Room Orangery Internal

Currently the inside of your house may look and feel a little stale, but a few astute updates and adjustments here and there can make a world of difference. Whatever your budget and however much time you have available to do it, it doesn’t take much to make yourself extremely house proud again.

There are a number of fashionable home interior trends for summer 2018 to keep an eye on and we have rounded them up for you.

Tropical tastes

There remains a strong urge to bring the outside in and tropical prints are the next best thing to installing real-life greenery within your living space, though that is a popular option.

Aside from e.g. applying tropical-inspired wallpaper to your walls, you can add a small scattering of tropical house plants indoors that have all sorts of weird and wonderful names, including everything from Amazon Elephant’s Ear to Bromeliads.

Say it with neon lights

Light-up message boards displaying phrases like “Home Sweet Home” have been all the rage in recent years. In a slight twist on that, neon lights have now become the must-have home accessory.

Some come with similar popular standard messages relating to home and life in general while you can also get neon lights shaped like the moon, flamingos and a whole manner of different objects. The quirkiness and vibrancy of a neon light certainly won’t go unnoticed.

Fringes find favour again

Fringes are well and truly back in fashion and not just on the catwalk! Countless types of homewares are being produced with some fringing within their design including lampshades, cushions, table lamps, armchairs etc.

A good example of what we’re referring to can be seen here. This throw would look beautiful draped over most sofas and beds.

These home interior ideas can also be implemented in an orangery

It could be that a specific home setting such as your orangery could do with a swift summer makeover and if so you will find these inspirational ideas to be just as valuable.  

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