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Introducing Some Of Your Orangery Options

The orangery is fast growing in stature amongst the British public and homeowners looking to expand their homes in the most lavish way possible.

Tiled Roof Orangery with French Doors

You can easily understand why as it shares similar characteristics to the traditional conservatory but with a larger quantity of brickwork and glass.

When shopping around for an orangery from companies like Permaframe you will notice that there are several varieties available including the below:

Contemporary orangery

Since its original unveiling back in the 17th Century, the orangery design has been significantly modernised so that it looks even more stylish and offers the necessary energy efficiency. The combination of brickwork and glass works wonderfully well and they complement each other perfectly.

You can expect a contemporary orangery to blend in seamlessly with the rest of the house.

Coloured orangery

You could certainly never accuse an orangery of looking plain and boring; however, it doesn’t have to be coated in a classic white colour. Nowadays you can have an orangery finished in just about every colour you can think of such as black, grey, light oak, whitegrain and many others.

The woodgrain evident in each finish helps give the orangery an authentic appearance.

Glass-to-floor orangery

It’s called a glass-to-floor orangery because there is considerably more glass in the design and a smaller quantity of brickwork; more glass means more sunshine gets through and results in a brighter, lighter, more inviting extension.

Whilst inside you will also get a unique unobstructed view of the garden that you’ll never tire of enjoying.

Bespoke Orangery

All is not lost if none of the above options appeal to you. You can always create a design from scratch by going bespoke. This enables you to have a big say in the final design and include any features of your choice so that you get an orangery that truly feels like your own.

For more orangery options visit our Frome showroom.

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