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Make A New Years Resolution To Save Money On Energy Bills

You are probably sick of the media reporting on the increasing fuel prices that homeowners face at least once a year. The rise in our energy bills is unprecedented; it is difficult to think of any other household outgoing that has risen as sharply and as quickly as household fuel. It is set to continue rising as time progresses and homeowners will have to stump up as home energy is not something you can simply avoid paying for.

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The arrival of the monthly energy bill on our doorstep is nowadays something we open with a serious amount of anxiety and dread. Though in the midst of summer, at a time when you would normally expect your bills to be a small fraction of what they normally would be, vast quantities of us have been hit hard due to an over expected reliance on heating to compensate for the unseasonal weather. Our homes are not ideal for keeping in the summer sun and the heat generated in our homes can escape rapidly if they are not insulated effectively.

Consumer experts recommend that those looking to cut their energy bills need to look into a change of supplier as very often they can save an enormous amount, particularly if they are switching for the first time.

But even energy shopping is being made increasingly difficult at the moment as a large number of our major energy suppliers begin to remove their cheapest fixed-rate tariffs, leaving us with very little choice but to stick with the package we already have.

The next step is to look towards investing in home improvements designed to save your money on energy bills such as double glazing in Bath, double glazing in Somerset or double glazing in Taunton.

A new set of windows will eliminate both heat loss and draughts so that you benefit from a warmer household and one that costs far less to heat than it once did. This happens with tight and perfect fit panes of glass that do not let cold air pass between the outdoors and indoors as well as keeping your heat indoors for longer.

Utilising less heat in the home also helps make it a far more eco-friendly property as the burning of fossil fuels is harmful to the environment and something we all need to make a conscious effort of doing less of if we are to protect our environment and prolong our resources for as long as possible.

Once you have invested in new double glazing to reduce your energy footprint and costs you can simply use the internet to search for thousands of resources on useful and simple ideas to save even more.

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