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Orangery vs Conservatory: Which Is Right For You?

Investment into a conservatory or orangery will be one of the most financially demanding purchases you’re likely to make in your lifetime, so you need to be completely content with which of these beautiful extensions you buy.

Solid Roof Edwardian Conservatory

There are a few similarities between the two structures, not least that their chief purpose is usually to extend space, but they differ on several counts and these differences need to be taken into account.


People nowadays predominantly utilise conservatories as living spaces, but they were traditionally a place where citrus fruits would be grown in the winter.

Most of the conservatory designs developed today feature a glass or solid roof with 75% or more glass in it and come with accompanying brick walls.

A grand total of 11 conservatory styles in various shapes and sizes can be bought at Permaframe, so you’re certain to find something that complements your property. They’ll all add immense value to the resale price of your house too.  


You can distinguish an orangery from a conservatory by its solid brick pillars, very lengthy glass panes, brickwork base and giant Lantern roof containing less than 75% glass.

The roof is responsible for the amazingly light and airy feel that you experience when spending time inside an orangery and it also helps to keep it thermally efficient in all weathers.

There are four styles of orangery on offer at Permaframe and they should all be looked at in detail before you make a final decision on which one you love the most.

Further considerations you need to make…

How you intend on using the space may also determine your decision. Will it just be a lounge where you admire the external views, a spot for the whole family to gather for special meals or are you looking to cancel your expensive gym membership and keep fit for less in your new extension?

If we’ve left your head spinning and you’re still no closer to making a decision, perhaps a chat with one of our consultants will help. Arrange an appointment to talk through everything you need to know to decide if a conservatory or orangery will be your best bet.  


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