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Out Of Africa, The Continent's Tallest Skyscraper To Be Built

The Carlton Centre’s long positioning as the tallest skyscraper in Africa is under threat after plans were announced to construct a new 540 metre high development in the heart of Casablanca, Morocco.

Christened the Al Noor Tower, the 114-floor building would easily overtake the South Africa-based skyscraper, which has reigned supreme in the height stakes for 31 years, with the height of 540 metres specially chosen to represent the 54 countries that make up the continent of Africa.

Why 114 floors? Because that’s how many chapters there are in the Quran.

It will also surpass the city’s current loftiest construction, the Casablanca Twin Centre which only measures a mere 115 metres high in comparison.
The developers are hopeful of starting work in June, and completing the $1 billion project by 2018, with plans to include a seven-star luxury hotel, art gallery, spa, fine-dining restaurants, luxury boutiques, an exhibition centre and offices inside the building.

The outside of the skyscraper will be adorned with patterns representing the 1,000 languages spoken throughout Africa to give it further symbolism. Its design, which shares a striking resemblance to the Shard, is intended to mimic the feeling of a wedding dress.

It won’t surprise you to hear that it is being funded by a Dubai-based company as owned by a wealthy Saudi Arabian businessman named Sheikh Tarek Binladen (yes, half-brother of that Binladen!).

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