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The Permaframe Guide To 3 Very Popular Types Of Conservatory

Everything is so expensive right now that the cost of moving house is just an impossibility for so many people, which isn’t helpful if you’re looking to relocate to secure more space. 

If you’re in this predicament, have you thought about extending your current home with a conservatory?

It won’t cost anywhere near as much and there will be far less emotional trauma involved. 

As for what style of conservatory you go for, that will come down to your house type and individual preference. 

Rather than go into each conservatory design (there are so many), there’s generally three forms of conservatory you can buy. 


Your classic conservatory is largely glazed and will have a dwarf wall. Categories of conservatory that fall under the ‘classic’ banner include Victorian, Lean-To, Gable and Edwardian designs. 

Full of substance, you’re likely to love a classic conservatory if you want something that’s completely timeless and is unlikely to ever look old in the future. 


Living in a home that looks stuck in the past? A modern-styled conservatory could be just the contemporary update that it needs to make it look right on-trend. 

The primary characteristics of a modern conservatory are the presence of a pelmet on the inside, which you can get spotlights fixed into so that the structure can be used after dark. 

Anthracite Grey is a popular coloured finish for modern conservatories and you will often find bi-folding doors integrated into their design. 


Can’t find a conservatory that ticks all the boxes? Create your own instead and ask us if you can go bespoke so that you can get the exact conservatory you want. 

Our designers will be there to assist at every stage of the process, if you need them. Just tell them your ideas and watch them use their experience and our technology to bring these ideas to life.

You will feel a slight smugness and sense of pride when you tell people that you designed your conservatory yourself. 

Visit our main conservatories page to delve deeper in the range of styles that we have at Permaframe.

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