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Why Prepping Your Home For Winter Now Is A Wise Move

Winter is probably the last thing on your mind at this time of the year, but it’s something you should have at the back of it if you want to be assured of a warm and cosy living space once the cold creeps in.

Double Glazing

The weather can turn so quickly in this country and you don’t want be feeling it indoors at home while you’ve got your feet up with a hot cup of cocoa.

That is less likely to happen if you take measures now to insulate the building and stop the winter weather interfering with it. What sort of measures you may ask? All of the following would be a good start:

Have your boiler serviced

It is very important that you have your boiler serviced by a recognised heating engineer every year as they will be able to check for any faults before they occur and fix them. What you don’t want is for it to break down in the middle of a cold snap.

They will also be able to assess if it is providing the standard of thermal efficiency that your home needs.

If it needs replacing, don’t be put off by the cost of buying a new energy efficient boiler. You will be repaid via the massive energy savings made over the lifetime of the new boiler.

Get new windows and doors fitted

On our more blustery summer days, can you feel some of the wind from outside forcing its way through your windows and doors? That’s an indication that your windows and doors are past their best.

The installation of any of our expertly crafted windows and doors will solve things and get rid of those draughts. Most of our windows are also supplied A+ energy rated as standard, so they’ll not only brilliantly heat your home, but also help you make massive energy savings.  

Install new roofing

We use the word ‘roofline’ to collectively refer to any fascias, soffits, bargeboards, cladding and guttering you have and the purpose of it all is to protect your home from water damage.

When one part of your roofline starts to rot, it increases the threat of water damage occurring, so it’s vital that it’s either repaired or replaced.

Replacing the roofline makes more sense as it’s a better long-term fix, especially as our roofing is made from UPVC, and therefore, water-resistant.


You can have Permaframe help you get your home ready for the winter months. All you have to do is ask us for a FREE quote for any of our products.

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