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What Are The Pros And Cons Of Composite Doors?

Buying a new front door for your property is something you should only need to do once and there are so many different replacement doors available, including composite doors.

Black Composite Door

A composite door utilises a Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) and has an authentic woodgrain effect.

Their technical excellence is second to none and they ooze with kerb appeal, making them a really strong competitor against rival door options such as UPVC doors and timber doors.

The plus points of a composite door far outweigh its very few negative points, but it’s useful to get an all-rounded view of this very formidable door solution.

Pros of a composite door

Looks like wood

When observing a composite door for the first time you would swear that it was a traditional wooden door; it’s an easy mistake to make.

Credit for its wood-like appearance must go to the woodgrain effect that’s so prominent throughout the design.

In performance terms, composite doors are on a whole different level when compared to wood crafted equivalents.

Extremely tough

Its robustness is quite remarkable. When you lock the door there is very little likelihood of anyone managing to force their way through it as it’s so tough.

It also contains a multi-point locking system that has been integrated into the solid stainless steel running through the entire frame length.

This eliminates the chances of intruders forcibly levering the door open and the addition of drill plates stops the locks from being drilled.

Low maintenance

Frequent exposure to wind, rain, sun, snow and ice can leave traditional doors looking significantly dishevelled, and only a time-consuming amount of upkeep will get them back into a better condition.

Maintaining a composite door is simple as there’s virtually none of it needed. You will never have to repaint the door, sand it, varnish it or anything like that.

Just take a wet cloth doused in hot, soapy water to it when it could do with a wipe to remove any dirt.

Long lifespan

We previously mentioned that you should only expect to have to replace your front door once and that’s very likely to be the case when you fit a composite door.

The average lifespan of a composite door is 30 years (longer in some cases) as it possesses the enduring qualities needed to last.

Cons of a composite door

More costly than some doors

While it is difficult to find many downsides to a composite door, the price of buying one may prove a stumbling block for some people.

They’re more expensive than a UPVC door, but when you factor in the above upsides, you have to say that it provides exceptional value for money in the long-term. They’re definitely worth the investment.


Permaframe has a very generous selection of composite doors in stock that will light up your entranceway. Several of our composite door designs can be seen here.



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