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Why Your Summer At Home Will Be Improved By Bi-Folding Doors

Foreign travel will be severely limited this summer, so it’s going to mean that many families holiday in their home this summer – you can have just as much fun doing that! 

Grey Bi-Folding Doors

Instead of the usual hotel swimming pool, treat the kids to a paddling pool or water slide in the garden, and for the adults in the household, al fresco drinks in the British sunshine are a must. 

A product that we strongly recommend installing to make your homecation extra special is a set of bi-folding doors. 

It may seem a random suggestion, but let us tell you why:

Merge the indoors and outdoors

Your home needs to be fully exploited, meaning that you want to make the most of the outdoors as much as the indoors. 

It will be so much easier to do that when you have a bi-folding door of up to 7 panes you can open that will turn your indoor and outdoor settings into one communal space. 

The kids will have all the freedom they need to race outside, whilst you take some time to yourself indoors. 

Essential ventilation

Let’s make the presumption that the weather this summer will be scorching hot, optimistic, we know. 

If that comes to fruition, you don’t want your home interior to get sweltering when you have to remain indoors. You can rely on the bi-folding door to bring in some fresh air and keep the space ventilated. 

The alternative would be to buy a fan, but that costs money to power, whereas fresh air comes for free. 

Easy outdoor dining

Having meals out every night is one of the best bits about going on holiday and you don’t need to miss out on that. 

The barbecue should come into its own and be fired up for cooking sausages, burgers, or if you’re feeling really fancy, some bits of halloumi. 

Where do bi-folds come into this? Well, they will supply you with an opening that makes taking tables, chairs, cutlery, crockery etc. outside without any obstruction. 

Our bi-folding doors can be integrated into various areas of a home. See our bi-folding doors product page for more details.

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