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The Way To Create A More Spacious Home

Make More Space At Home

A lack of space inside your home can really start to get to you and affect you both mentally and emotionally. Sitting back and doing nothing about it isn’t advisable.

Maybe you have the capacity to extend your property or could look into moving, but if you’re happy where you currently live, you should firstly see if you can somehow make your house more spacious.

There’s a strong possibility you will be able to, as you will find out when you take these ideas onboard.

Declutter the place

Because we have such busy lives, it’s very easy to overlook decluttering, but it’s something you should do every few months. Make it easy for yourself by recruiting help from other members of the family (many hands make light work!).

A rearrangement of the furniture around your house could give you more floor space, as will removing any footwear that sits on it and putting it away in wardrobes.

Whilst in your wardrobes, have a look to see if anything can be gotten rid of, and do the same in cupboards and on shelves.

A woman decluttering the house

Aluminium windows

Rooms that are full of natural light often feel more spacious than they actually are, especially if they also have light-coloured walls and various reflective surfaces.

To get more light inside your interior, get aluminium windows fitted as they have a super slim profile, which allows for a huge expanse of glass to be included in their design.

This glazed area will be much larger than the one found in a traditional set of windows and you’ll immediately see and feel the difference it makes.

Aluminium windows

Large glazed door

Over the summer holidays, you want to encourage your kids to be in the garden, rather than indoor with their faces buried in their tablets.

A bi-folding door or sliding door that provides a connection from home to garden will give them that encouragement, and it will also encourage the sun to brighten up your living space, whether open or closed.

The aluminium framework in the types of feature doors is amazingly trim, making them great for light transference.

Large glazed doors in an extension

Permaframe is poised to do what we can to help you make your home suitably spacious again. All you need to do is ask us for a quote, which you can do here.

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