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Why You Need To Gift Your Home New Windows And Doors

You are likely to find yourself frequently flitting in and out of your house this winter.

It will of course likely sit empty whenever you head out to work in the morning, plus you may be attending various Halloween, Bonfire Night, Christmas and New Year celebrations. You may also need to account for any dashes to the shops for those Christmas gifts for friends and family.
Have you ever contemplated whether your home is secure enough? If you haven’t then now is the time to be doing it.

To stimulate awareness of this very important topic, October heralds National Home Security Month. You will find various pieces of advice on their website if you have any concerns about the welfare of your home.

You should start by checking that your current windows and doors are offering the security required to keep your belongings out of the hands of others. If they aren’t then you must get then replaced NOW!

Unsure where to get them from? Permaframe is the answer.

Security is our main concern in the manufacturing process of all our window and door designs, after all, what good is a pretty looking set of windows and doors if they aren’t secure enough to protect home?

We subject all of our products to hours and hours of testing so that we’re fully convinced that they offer the necessary durability and resilience.

As a further deterrent to intruders, we fix a multi-point locking system to each design that even the smartest of burglars will have great difficulty breaching.

You can put your trust in them to look after your home whenever it’s empty; all that you will have to do is check that they’re properly locked upon exiting the property.

Come to our Frome showroom where have consultants waiting to show you why new windows and doors ought to be your next home improvement.

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