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Permaframe has a huge range of aluminium doors for you to choose from, designed to transform the look of your property. Our door range consists of aluminium front and back doors, aluminium French doors and aluminium patio doors which are all ideally suited for the home as well as conservatories, orangeries and extensions. We manufacture, supply and install all of our high security aluminium doors in a wide range of colours including hard wearing oak, walnut and rosewood timber effect finishes.

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  • Aluminium Appeal
    An aluminium door is undeniably arresting...

    An aluminium door is undeniably arresting...

    There’s something about aluminium doors that makes them totally irresistible to buyers and you only have to look at them to understand why. The neat sleek frames are a really eye-catching feature and a huge bonus as it enables a greater expanse of glass to be incorporated into the overall door. To give an aluminium door further character you can also opt to have Georgian bars for that timeless feel every front or back entrance needs.

  • Aesthetics
    You can’t fail but be astonished by the beauty of aluminium...

    You can’t fail but be astonished by the beauty of aluminium...

    There are so many eye-catching aspects to a set of aluminium doors such as the sleek sightlines and the intricate contour that features throughout the exterior of the door profile, not forgetting the chamfered bead. The finish is also surprisingly rich due to the thorough powder-coating process conducted which gives it that authentic feel that you’d only normally expect of a timber door.

  • Powder Coated
    A stringent power-coating process is the secret...

    A stringent power-coating process is the secret...

    Giving your front and/or back door a fresh coat of paint and a good varnishing every few months is something that few of us have the time or patience to do, but it’s a necessary evil if you have a wooden door fitted. The great thing about an aluminium door is that it needs no such looking after as it has a weather-resistant finish applied to it, one that is subject to an intense powder-coating process. You aren’t limited for colour either as we can provide finishes of black, grey, white, buttermilk and sage, amongst many others for both the outside and inside of the frame.

  • Sublimation
    The timber finish that isn’t timber...

    The timber finish that isn’t timber...

    Wood has its downsides such as the number of times you have to apply a fresh coat of paint to it but there’s no question that it looks unbelievably natural; timber is in a league of its own in terms of aesthetics. That’s why we were keen to create a wood-like finish of our own but one that doesn’t require the level of maintenance that timber needs. Via a process called sublimation, we have managed it and can create stylish finishes in walnut, rosewood and oak.

  • Textured Glass
    • Chantilly
      Chantilly Chantilly
    • Charcoal
      Charcoal Charcoal
    • Contora
      Contora Contora
    • Cotswold
      Cotswold Cotswold
    • Digital
      Digital Digital
    • Everglade
      Everglade Everglade
    • Flemish
      Flemish Flemish
    • Mayflower
      Mayflower Mayflower
    • Minster
      Minster Minster
    • Oak
      Oak Oak
    • Pelerine
      Pelerine Pelerine
    • Stippolyte
      Stippolyte Stippolyte
    • Taffeta
      Taffeta Taffeta
    • Warwick
      Warwick Warwick
    • Autumn
      Autumn Autumn

    Textured glass will give your door something different...

    Plain glass has been a staple feature of most front and back doors for hundreds of years and it’s a look that will never date. However, you could have a textured glass design to give your door a different personality which will also help in terms of privacy. Patterns include Digital, Autumn Leaf, Sycamore and a Cotswold decoration.

Doors from Permaframe...

Whether you like it or not your front door speaks volumes about your home. A disheveled door can bring down the entire appearance of your property, whereas a good looking replacement door will have the opposite effect. Doors from Permaframe in Frome, Somerset have the ability to raise the profile of your home all on their own and will undoubtedly impress any guests who visit your home. Permaframe's huge range of replacement doors including French, Patio Doors, all sharing eye-catching looks and a proven ability to protect your home are available in UPVC or the very latest Aluminium.

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