Yale SensCheck™ for Windows & Doors

Permaframe has joined forces with the UK’s leading home security brand to introduce Yale SensCheck™, a cutting-edge locking solution.
Yale SensCheck™ alleviates home security concerns...

Trust Yale SensCheck™ and its advanced window and door sensors to keep your home secure, no matter where you are. Take control of your home security in ways you never thought possible.

With the Yale Smart Living Alarm App, you can monitor your windows and doors around the clock, whether you’re at home or away. Any change in their status triggers an instant notification or tamper alert on your mobile phone.

Yale SensCheck
Experience peace of mind with Yale SensCheck™…

Yale SensCheck™ Sensors provide a unique opportunity to monitor your home’s security without being physically present. These sensors are easily integrated into compatible smart windows and doors and can be effortlessly managed via the Smart Living Alarm App.

  • Tamper alerts and sensor status notifications
  • Geo-fencing notifications
  • Part Arm functionality
  • Chime notifications
  • Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Integration with Philips Hue Lighting
  • BSI IoT accredited
  • Option to upgrade to a full Yale Smart Security System
Yale SensCheck

About Yale Senscheck™

After installing new smart windows or doors, scan the QR code on them to visit yalehome.co.uk, where you can purchase Yale SensCheck™ Sensors. These innovative sensors are compatible with all smart windows and doors.

Monitor whether your doors are closed, open, locked, or unlocked, and do the same for your windows, including whether they’re open, locked, closed, or locked in the vented position.

A change in status triggers a chime notification

If the alarm is armed, it will sound (using a 94dB Sync Hub) if the sensor status changes.

Geo-fencing alerts ensure you receive a notification via the Yale Smart Living Alarm App if you inadvertently leave your home unsecured.

Stay in control with Yale SensCheck™...

Yale SensCheck™ sensors require the Yale Sync Hub to work with the Yale Smart Living Alarm App. If the sensors are triggered, you’ll receive an alert through the app, keeping you informed of your home’s status wherever you are.

If you already have the Yale Sync Hub as part of your Yale Sync Alarm system, you don’t need to invest in another one. The system supports up to 40 alarm accessories, including SensCheck™ Sensors.

Yale SensCheck

For those without the Yale Sync Hub, the SensCheck™ Door Sensor Kit or Window Sensor Kit is highly recommended. This can be integrated into your Home Alarm system, supporting up to 40 alarm accessories. One Sync Hub will suffice for a household.

Yale SensCheck - Door Security
Yale SensCheck
Voice control interaction…

Stay informed about the status of your windows and doors using voice control. The voice control feature is available through Amazon Alexa or a Google Assistant-enabled device whenever you need a status update.

Ask questions like, “Is the back door locked?” or “Is the front door unlocked?” and the voice assistant will provide an instant response, ensuring peace of mind.

Yale SensCheck
Philips Hue integration…

When integrated with Philips Hue, lights will flash as the alarm is armed or disarmed, providing a visual deterrent that enhances the notifications and audible alerts from the Sync Hub.

Philips Hue Personal Wireless
Yale SensCheck™. It makes perfect sense.

The next generation of door and window sensors is here – welcome to SensCheck™.


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