Buy Double Glazing To Beat Eye-Watering Energy Rises

With a couple of our major energy companies already announcing price rises ahead of the winter months, experts are predicting that the average UK energy bill will rise by 120 pounds next year. This will make the average annual fuel bill a whopping 1,428 pounds!
Many families will have been hoping that the recent onslaught of increases would have ceased for the moment, but this appears to be far from the case, despite many energy firms recording profits in their yearly figures. This will force many homeowners to turn off their heating completely for large parts of the winter just so that they can afford the cost of their bills, even if it results in them feeling the cold and having to resort to extra layers of clothing to compensate.
Things should never have to come to this for those who have the choice of installing double glazing in Bath, double glazing in Somerset or double glazing in Taunton as a set of double glazed windows can help you save a huge amount on your bills.

This is because they will improve the energy efficiency of a home in an instant. Heat loss will no longer occur and rooms will be able to remain warm without any heavy usage of a heating system necessary. They will also help capture and retain the natural heat created by the sun so that on a warm sunny day you can leave the thermostat untouched.
Compared to old single glazed windows which are poor at keeping heat contained and preventing outdoor from making its way into the home, double glazing will make a hugely positive difference not just in terms of energy savings but in many different ways.
First of all, they will refresh the entire appearance of your home. The woodgrain finishes offered nowadays are more than a match for the timber windows of the past and require none of the maintenance that you would associate with old window designs. This means no painting or sanding will ever be required again so you can expect clean and tidy windows day in, day out.
The curb appeal of your home will be far greater with double glazed windows installed than without them as no modern buyer wants to live in a property with old and poorly insulated windows. Once you have them they will be present for at least the next 20 years, what more could you want?

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