Triple Glazing From Permaframe – A Huge Energy-Saver

Fed up of paying a fortune just for the privilege of heating your home? You are not the only one as there are thousands, millions even, of householders in the UK who have reached the stage where they simply cannot afford to pay the bills. The chief reason why so many people out there find themselves in this position is because their home is not properly insulated.
One essential component in ensuring that a property is fully energy efficient is the installation of double glazing in Chard, double glazing in Weston-super-Mare or double glazing in Yeovil. The energy efficiency provided in a double glazed window is far greater than that of a single glazed window and can save you a great amount of money on fuel bills.
However, if you have the budget available, Permaframe recommends that you go one step further, or indeed one pane of glass further, by considering the installation of triple glazing; the latest growing trend within the world of windows.
Triple glazing, which originally slowly gained in popularity in the UK, is now in high demand as it is proven to drive down energy costs significantly. You couldn’t wish for a great level of insulation as that provided by a set of triple glazed windows; the level of warmth felt inside your home will be hugely different to what it would have been when you only had single glazing fitted. It even outperforms ‘A’ rated windows by as much as 40% so you can expect savings to amount to hundreds of pounds annually.
We can incorporate triple glazing into most of our window designs, so if you see a style you like don’t hesitate to go down the triple glazed route.
You can find out more about triple glazing and all our other window options at our Frome showroom.

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