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3 DIY Projects That Anyone Can Take On At Home This Summer

The very thought of doing some DIY at home may fill you with dread, especially if you have tried it before and it didn’t go particularly well. You shouldn’t let it put you off though!

Flush Casement Windows

The majority of DIY is relatively simple and you don’t want to attempt anything that stretches you too far. 

Think of it like this. 

When you do DIY right, not only will it improve your living space, but it will also potentially increase its value. You will feel like you’ve achieved something too. So it’s worth giving it a go.

Permaframe has some simple DIY ideas that you definitely have in you to do:

Update your old cabinets

Have your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinets seen their best days? 

Inspect the units to see if they’re still in good working order, and if they are, keep them and just repaint any tired-looking cabinets, or reface them with a new coloured covering. Replacing their hardware will also revitalise their appearance.

Once done, the cabinets will seem new, and you will hardly have spent a penny to get them looking like that. You will have also done the environment a favour by not having a full replacement. 

Make a wall gallery

If you have a bare wall in a prominent area and are not sure what to do with it, how about turning it into a themed photo gallery? 

It can have any theme you want. The most obvious would be to fill the wall with lots of family photographs from over the years, or give it a sporty or music-related theme. 

Picture frames are cheap enough to buy, and you could get frames of various sizes, styles and colours for hanging your favourite snaps up. 

Convert old pallets for garden use

Amongst the bits of junk you have lying around in your garage or loft, might be some dusty pallets. Dust them off and put them to use for your garden space.

Only a small amount of skill and effort will be required to upcycle these pallets, and it’s better than them just sitting there. 

They could be transformed into vertical planters so that you can grow plants outside, without them taking up too much space. Or create a wooden bench from them that visitors can sit on when they come to enjoy a barbecue. 

If your home needs more than just DIY and things like new windows and doors, contact Permaframe and we’ll handle this for you.

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