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3 Home Trends For 2022 That You Need To Know About

Home trends for 2022

The extended time you spent indoors over the festive period may have made you decide that your home needs freshening up somehow. 

It’s good to keep updating your interior, particularly as home trends change so quickly and dramatically – what’s ‘in’ one moment is ‘out’ the next. 

You don’t want an outdated home. You want one that’s at the height of fashion, and to get it this year, it will help to be informed of some of 2022’s hottest home trends, which Permaframe will now kindly advise you of.

Multi-functional spaces

We’ve had no choice but to make our homes more multi-purpose in recent times.

Many of us had to turn kitchens, bedrooms and attics into makeshift work spaces, which then saw a growth in demand for permanent home offices, and in 2022, we’ll be looking to get even more out of our houses.

Cancel the gym membership and put a Peloton in your guest room, together with a foldaway desk so that you can work in there too during the days, and instead of just using your conservatory or orangery for relaxing in, have it also act as a conference space.

A lady exercising

Grandmillennial style

Comfort is something that most of us have craved during this difficult period and it’s in our homes that we’ve sought to get it. 

The most comfortable place in the childhoods of many was at their Grandma’s house – you would always feel so safe and secure there. The recollection of this has led to some millennials trying to recreate the look of their grandparent’s place in their own residences, or as it’s been christened, the Grandmillennial style. 

To nail the Grandmillennial aesthetic, just dust off any old China that you have gathering dust in the loft for display around the house, add some vintage wallpaper and put old black and white family photographs on show.

A man on his laptop

Farewell to white

The sight of plain white walls everywhere is hardly likely to invigorate you or your house. You want to be bolder and more experimental than that. 

Pantone’s 2022 Colour of the Year, “Very Peri”, would do the job quite nicely, a vibrant, periwinkle blue with rich violet undertones, described as “spritely, joyous and dynamic.”

Lovers of nature will be looking towards more earthy tones and colours, such as the warm shade offered by chocolate brown and terracotta. 

The addition of a new leather sofa or an update of your current window treatments are just two possible ways of introducing this earthiness to an interior.

Very Peri, 2022 Pantone Colour of the Year

January can be a rather blue month, so why not start your home revamp now and follow these trends to beat those blues. 

Our FREE brochures will be a great source of inspiration to you if we have given you the push you need to proceed with home improvement plans.

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