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3 Simple Ways To Encourage More Natural Light Into Your Home

Light-filled space

We could all benefit from more natural light in our homes. It can have a dramatic effect on our mood and well-being.

From installing specific types of windows to trimming the unruly parts of your garden, there are many ways you increase natural light in your home.

With daylight savings just around the corner, put that extra hour of sunlight to good use in your home. Take note of our 3 ways to achieve a home full of light:

Install slim-line aluminium windows

We’re sure windows immediately came to mind. But our Eclipse Aluminium windows aren’t just any windows. 

Our slim-line range places the focus on the light they let in, with its vast amount of glazing and thin frames. 

Due to the strength and flexibility of aluminium, the frames are moulded to be extremely slim, with ample space for glazing. Once installed in your home, they will fill the room with plenty of natural light.

Slimline aluminium windows

Take care of your outdoors

Now the weather is improving, spend some time in your garden pruning bushes and trimming tree branches away from your windows and doors as they can have a big impact on the light that gets into your home.

Once completed, not only will you have a tidy garden but you’ll feel a huge difference in the brightness of your home.

Trim plants around windows and doors

Add skylights and roof windows

It’s true that solid roofs do not help with getting more natural light into your home. However, this can be simply rectified by installing roof windows into the design. 

Whether you choose one window or multiple windows, you will find that the sun rays will be able to enter your space much more easily upon their installation.

Add roof windows and skylights

Make your home bright and welcoming this spring. Contact Permaframe for a free, no-obligation quote here if you think your home could benefit from our Eclipse aluminium windows or roof windows.

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