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3 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Home’s Value

3 Ways To Add Value To Your Home

In the past few days, it was announced that UK house price growth is at a 14-month high. This will be pleasing news for anybody considering selling their home in 2020.

If you’re one of these people, a cautionary note before you put your property on the market – it needs to be in a good condition if you expect to attract buyer interest and a strong sale price.

To make money on what you originally paid for the property, may require a few enhancements.

From our experience, these are the sort of improvements you should be looking into actioning to get a fine return:

Adding a conservatory

It’s more straightforward to get a conservatory installed nowadays as planning laws for conservatories are far more relaxed than they were.

The more space, the better, for most homebuyers, and conservatories can be used as anything from a home office to a playroom for the kids.

For a conservatory that will offer all-year round use, get one with a solid tiled roof. The lightweight covering will keep the interior well-insulated during the winter and cool enough in summer.

Fit a solid roof

Fitting some new carpets

Do you live in a busy household? The hustle and bustle indoors may have worn out your carpets and left them permanently stained.

If they’re beyond shampooing, buy some brand-new carpets to improve what you can see underfoot. Just remember to take your shoes off whenever you enter back into the house, so they don’t get marked.

New carpets will smell great too and the odour from them will tell a buyer they needn’t bother replacing them.

Freshen up the floor

Creating a prettier entrance

The appearance of your entrance, as well as your front lawn, could make or break your house.

Buyers are far more likely to take an interest in buying the place if you have an immaculate front door and your garden has been carefully manicured in anticipation of their arrival.

And don’t forget about the driveway. A lack of one could be a deal breaker for some as they may worry about the security of their vehicle when having to park on the nearest roadside.

When there’s space for a driveway out the front, convert it for that purpose, and give it a regular power wash to keep it looking clean.

Redecorate and repair

Permaframe is the company you should pick if you want a conservatory as we have been installing them for over 25 years. Find the right style for your home in our Conservatories & Orangeries brochure.

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