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3 Tips To Help You Make Condensation Less Troublesome

3 Things You Can Do To Reduce The Threat Of Condensation

At some homes, you can tell that autumn has arrived as condensation has started to rear its ugly head – it’s not the nicest thing to have on your windows first thing in the morning, that’s for sure. 

Getting condensation every now and again isn’t a major problem, but if it repeatedly occurs, action needs to be taken. 

Once it settles in, mildew and mould can form on windows, and being exposed to this can harm your health, potentially causing respiratory problems and other irritations and illnesses. 

If condensation is a frequent issue at your home, follow these steps to fight against it:

Improve your ventilation

Condensation often occurs due to excess humidity within a house. For instance, when you’re cooking in the kitchen or taking a hot bath in your bathroom, they become very humid. 

It’s important to let that heat escape, which you can do very easily – just open a few windows whilst you’re doing it. 

Make the most of any extractor fan that you have too, as it will help to remove humid air.

An open window

Put your washing outside

Nothing is more unpredictable than the British weather. 

We may get some unseasonably warm days over autumn and winter, and if we do, take advantage and hang your washing to dry outside.

It’s better to do that than use your radiators or tumble dryer to dry them, as this will again lead to a buildup of humidity, and will also cost you in energy.

Clothes on a washing line

Keep heating on a low level

It’s the collision of warm air against the cold glass in a window that results in those water droplets forming. 

That’s less likely to happen if you are consistent with your heating system and just leave it on a low level heat. 

Ideally, you don’t want to be turning your heating up and down all the time. Just find a comfortable temperature and stick to it.

A thermostat

If this doesn’t stop, or at least minimise condensation, we recommend that you invest in new energy efficient double or triple glazed windows, which should do the trick. 

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