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3 Ways To Get The Cost Of Those Energy Bills Down

Although Christmas wasn’t the same this year, you still probably spent a good amount of money buying presents for your loved ones and are now feeling far from flush in January. 

So what you don’t need is for your energy bills to become really expensive, which they are likely to do if you’re on a pricey tariff or living in a poorly insulated home. 

Experts have announced recently that the average household dual-fuel energy bill will increase by £171 in 2021. 

This won’t affect you though if you take proven steps to get your energy costs down, such as these:

Switch to a new energy supplier

It’s way simpler to switch suppliers now than in the past. 

With your most recent fuel bill, you can find cheaper energy tariffs in seconds on a comparison site, or ask a business like ‘Look After My Bills’ to do it for you.

Anyone who hasn’t switched before could possibly save £300+ annually. If you have switched before, see if switching again will save you more money. A yearly price-check is always worth your time. 

Get a new boiler fitted

Not only is an old boiler susceptible to breaking down in winter, but it also won’t run as efficiently as the modern boilers that are around nowadays. 

The cost of buying a new boiler will be a big financial investment, however, how much it will save you over the years will make it a price worth paying. 

The Energy Saving Trust has found that a brand-new A-rated boiler, likely to perform for 15+ years, can save you around £340 annually. 

Install energy efficient windows and doors

Being a window and door supplier, unsurprisingly, we are a strong advocate of energy efficient windows and doors, and with some justification. 

Depending on how they are specified, they can reduce heat loss by up to 75%, and when they do that, you will save yourself a fortune on fuel. 

They will pay for themselves over and over again as potentially, they will result in an eventual saving of not hundreds, but thousands of pounds. 

If this has made you put new windows and doors on your home improvement shopping list, request a remote quotation for them from Permaframe.

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