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5 Benefits Of Having Bi-Folding Doors

We always experience a big rise of interest in bi-folding doors at this time of the year as the impending spring and summer seasons incentivise householders into connecting their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Aluminium Bi-Folding Doors Cameo

Bi-folding doors are the best method of achieving it as they can cover various lengths of available wall space (up to seven metres) and when fully opened will turn your interior and exterior into one giant living area.

In addition to this, we can think of at least five other reasons why a bi-folding door installation is high on the agendas of so many Somerset homeowners right now:

  1. Stunning functionality

You will find yourself completely mesmerised when watching and experiencing bi-folds open for the first time. When they’re given a gentle push the various door leafs that make up the design stylishly concertina as they get to the end point of the track. No other door solution opens with such elegance.

  1. Useful ventilation

There will be occasions when you choose to fully open a set of bi-folding doors and times when just a small opening will do. This gives you so many options in terms of ventilation. On those extremely warm days you will be extremely thankful for their presence and become accustomed to utilising them. When completely closed, they will also insulate your home, perfect for the winter months.

  1. Gorgeous aesthetics

Our bi-folding doors are carefully crafted from a resilient aluminium material and we have managed to create the most amazingly slender sightlines. Keeping them so slender allows for giant glazed panes to be incorporated into the doors and they’re astonishing to look at. You cannot help but be impressed.

  1. Undisturbed views

The little bit of glass and frame utilised in a bi-folding door gives you the most magnificent perspective of the outdoors. This will be especially handy when the weather prevents you from venturing outside and you fancy just sitting back and appreciating the environment that you have at the rear of your property.

  1. Easy clean

Some people might worry that a six or seven metre long bi-folding door will demand lengthy maintenance. Quite the opposite actually as an aluminium bi-folding door is virtually maintenance-free. The only tasks you will need to perform in relation to upkeep are keeping the track free of stones and wiping the frames and glass.

Jump on the bi-fold bandwagon at Permaframe

Bi-folding doors will make home living so much more pleasurable and prove to be a fashionable addition that you never tire of using and gazing at. Put Permaframe in charge of any bi-fold installation where we currently have a 97% customer satisfaction rate.   

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