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Add A Splash Of Colour To Your Windows

Traditional white still remains the favoured window colour for millions of Somerset householders. It is a safe but classic choice that you know will never leave your property looking dated, so you can understand its continued appeal. Coloured windows are though really taking off as property owners seek something a little different.

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It was only until recently that UPVC windows started becoming available in finishes other than traditional white and black.

A growing demand for more colour options triggered this and has seen companies like Permaframe broaden their UPVC window colour palette. We are extremely pleased that we did as UPVC coloured windows are a huge seller for ourselves.  

This hasn’t caused us to ditch white UPVC windows as they remain as popular as ever, but we’ve just complemented them with windows in contrasting finishes like Chartwell Green, Rustic Cherry and Grey Blue.

The three colours we have just mentioned also utilise a woodgrain foil. It’s this pioneering woodgrain foil that helps these finishes mimic the appearance of timber when added to a UPVC window frame, giving the impression that they’re actually authentic wooden windows when they’re not.

To extend the number of window colours available to you, we also stock aluminium windows. The amazing thing about them is that they can be finished in virtually any colour you can think of. All aluminium window colours go through a thorough 11-stage coating process to ensure the finish endures the passage of time.

When you find yourself torn between choosing a single finish for UPVC and aluminium windows, the obvious solution is to select a dual-colour. In simple terms, this means having one colour on one side of the window frame and a contrasting colour on the opposite face of the design. Why not mix and match so that you have traditional white on the inside and a more striking colour on the outside.

The lasting qualities of our UPVC and aluminium colours prevent the need for any future maintenance too.

Just get a damp, soapy cloth whenever the windows look a little dirty and wipe the frames to remove any dirtiness.  

You will also receive a 10 year guarantee when purchasing any coloured window from Permaframe, so don’t delay and request your FREE no obligation quote today.


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