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The Benefits Of Installing A Solid Roof

Conservatory owners have an added urge to utilise their extension during the summer months, but are often prevented from doing so due to the extreme warmth that infiltrates the space in warm weather.

Solid Tiled Roof Conservatory

Solid roofs were partly developed to cure this issue, namely to make conservatories thermally efficient all-year round so that their owners can expect a comfortable setting whether external temperatures are high or low.

They’re a replacement roof covering for old conservatories, though they can also be assimilated into new-build conservatories if you want guarantee thermal performance from the very beginning. Consisting of lightweight tiles or lightweight slates, a solid roof can be crafted to suit any conservatory type.

Aside from the impressive thermal qualities of a solid roof, it offers a number of other big selling-points:

Authentic tiles / slates and colours

One of the biggest downsides of real tiles / slates is that they have a tendency to crack and come apart over time.

The tiles / slates used to manufacture a solid roof can resist the ageing process and look amazingly like genuine tiles / slates. It helps that they are finished in the kind of colours you would most commonly associate with your typical house / conservatory roof tiles / slates.

Roof windows

A little bit of natural light will be lost once a solid roof has been fitted to your conservatory, but it can be restored with the addition of a roof window or two.

These glazed sections will sit within the roof covering and give the sun a passage right into the structure. The perimeter ceiling can also house spotlights and speakers if you plan on using a conservatory as a place for entertaining guests at night.

Quick fitting

You certainly won’t be waiting long to have a solid roof fitted to your existing extension as solid roof installations can generally be made watertight in just a few hours and finalised in just a few days.

The quickness of the installation is down to the fact that much of the hard work is done off-site as solid roofs are pre-fabricated before being transported to the relevant location in readiness for fitting.

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